Pearl Meyer

Pearl Meyer uses SD-WAN to be cloud ready and reduces costs by 15%

For more than 30 years, executive compensation consulting firm Pearl Meyer has helped organizations transform their pay program into a source of competitive advantage by aligning compensation with strategic business initiatives. In their industry, Pearl Meyer’s robust, secure IT infrastructure is one of their own competitive advantages. The IT leader aimed to align a new network modernization plan with the company’s digital innovation strategies driving further improvements in cloud migration, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery.

In this endeavor, Pearl Meyer’s IT department faced a variety of pressing needs including:

Upgraded Masergy Network with Managed SD-WAN

For more than a decade, Pearl Meyer has used Masergy’s software-defined network services to connect its eight U.S. locations using private (VPLS) service. After investigating a number of SD-WAN edge equipment vendors, Pearl Meyer’s team was most impressed by the security offered by Fortinet edge devices. The CIO and network manager were impressed when they learned that Masergy’s SD-WAN solution was not only based on Fortinet technology but was delivered as a fully managed service.

Upgrading the Pearl Meyer network architecture, Masergy added Fortinet SD-WAN devices with next-generation firewalls including unified threat capabilities. SD-WAN now provides back-up connectivity for all offices, leveraging public broadband access where appropriate. Easing the burden of deployment and management, Masergy procured and installed all equipment and services and continues to monitor and maintain the quality of service end to end.

A Secure Edge and More IT Resources

Today, Pearl Meyer has upgraded its WAN edge all while freeing IT resources. The team’s routing and firewall management is now efficient and securely managed, since those tasks are now provided by Masergy. Efficiency also increased due to centralized management and on-demand bandwidth controls. Cassol can view both public and private links in real time in a single online dashboard. From the portal, he can immediately make bandwidth and configuration changes using the self-service tools, or he can call Masergy to optimize the network service for him. Best of all, security analytics and network performance data are all in the same dashboard (at no additional charge), giving Cassol a complete view of both IT domains. All in all, Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN solution saved Pearl Meyer an estimated 15% annually on their network services.

“Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN allows us to free IT resources, increase our network performance, and lower our IT costs,” said Cassol.

SD-WAN Improves Disaster Recovery and the Client Experience

The hybrid WAN environment with SD-WAN failover strategy infused more redundancy into the network, improving disaster recovery as well as Pearl Meyer’s client experience. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, flooding impacted the communications network (a different network and service provided by a large carrier) which underscored the need for a firm-wide network management solution. Masergy’s SD- WAN and SIP trunking capabilities now provide a secondary connection for all phone traffic, and Masergy’s software- defined network guarantees low latency and virtually no jitter. Not only are natural disasters less threatening to their IT infrastructure, but the customer experience has improved, as Pearl Meyer’s critical client data platform and website deliver more uptime.

“With Masergy Managed SD-WAN, I get unparalleled service and great visibility into application performance across both public and private links in a unified portal,” said Cassol.

As the firm turns their sights toward cloud communications platforms and direct connections to Amazon Web Services, they’re confident that the company stands ready to continue its path in building a multi-cloud environment. Managed SD- WAN has already demonstrated how easy it is to layer new capabilities onto their existing software-defined network, and Masergy will be a key partner as the company takes the next steps in their digital transformation journey.

Recognized Results

  • Reduced costs by 15% annually
  • Freed IT resources to focus on long-term, strategic IT initiatives
  • Improved disaster recovery and customer experience
  • Enhanced network redundancy by diversifying network connectivity
  • Reduced IT complexity while preparing for cloud migration
  • Unified security posture with secure internet breakout
  • Simplified routing and firewall management with SD-WAN services