Business Trunking

Masergy Business Trunking is a service that provides the concept of a "Trunk Group" used to serve PBX-type customer premises equipment. This Business Trunking framework provides better support for intelligent customer premises equipment (CPE) such as PBXs, while still allowing Masergy services to be offered to CPE users. The trunk group allows for licensing a configurable number of simultaneous calls that can be handled by a selected group of users, referred to as trunk users.

The CPE can pull some services from Masergy, such as:

  • Account/Authorization Codes
  • Calling Plans
  • Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Centers
  • Series Completion
  • Conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Find-me/Follow-me

The CPE can pull network services from Masergy, such as:

  • Abbreviated dialing
  • Voice VPN
  • Far-End Hop-Off

The enhancement of Business Trunk Group Hosted User Capacity Sharing allows regular Masergy users to be included in a Trunk Group for call capacity management. Business Trunking adds three key functionalities to the Trunk Group service:

  • Allows burst call capacity for Trunk Groups.
  • Allows actions to be assigned to the Trunk Group on device unreachable and call capacity exceeded conditions.
  • Allows DIDs and main numbers for basic calling and enhanced calling with Call Accounting Reporting. 

How to:
For further details on how this service can benefit and be used by your business, please contact support at or the Sales group at (800) 942-4700