Speed Dial 100

Speed Dial 100 allows you to assign the numbers you call most. Once programmed you just dial pound (#) plus two digits. You can program this two ways: via the personal web portal or using a specific set of key strokes from the telephone keypad. The web portal is a bit easier to manage and confirm accuracy, but either way can work.

How to:
HOW TO PROGRAM OPTION 1: Log into login.Masergy.com, click on "Outgoing Calls" and "Speed Dial 100" input your speed dial numbers, then apply to save. Under the Options Tab, click Outgoing Calls

Click Speed Dial 100.

Click Add.

Select a number from the drop down menu.

Enter the name and phone number.

Click OK.

Print a copy for your reference.

HOW TO PROGRAM OPTION 2: From the phone dial *75 for Speed dial 100, then dial a single two digit from 00-99 that will represent the "speed dial assignment" then dial your number to be saved and then press #.

DON’T USE THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS AS SPEED DIAL 100 ASSIGNMENTS: 21, 31, 41, 43, 88. This leaves 95 speed dials. Not exactly 100, but it's a great feature none the less.

Avoid the following Speed 100 numbers are not available: 21, 31, 40, 41, 43, 58 & 76.
These numbers have a Feature Access Code associated with them #XX, so you will engage the feature, not dial your Speed Dial as expected. So actually your speed dial 100 is more like speed dial 93.

To use from the phone, simply dial # plus the double digits (The "speed dial assigned number")

The number of digits programmed can be between 2 and 30 numeric digits; including 911 emergency and 611 for customer service. You can also program the Star (*) key. This is useful if you want to set a speed dial to forward calls to your mobile and un-forward calls. For example program this way:

Leave the handset down.

Press *75 22 *72 310 555 1234 press dial.

The breakdown is here: *75 allows you to program speed dial 100. 22 the spot your assigning. *72 is the codes to Enable Call Forward Always. And the 310 555 1234 would be where you'd put your mobile.

To use press #22 dial