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Auto Attendant

The Masergy Automated Attendant provides clients with a powerful and flexible tool to field inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destination through interactions with the caller.

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Interactive Voice Response

Masergy’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization by simplifying business process integration, increasing flexibility, and providing efficiency gains in network hosting.

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Conference Bridge

This service allows an administrator and a Bridge moderator (elevated user) to create, configure, and manage multi-party conference bridge calls called "conferences" in this document. The conference bridge is also known as the Meet-Me Conferencing service.

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Call Center

Masergy provides support for Standard and Enhanced call centers, allowing business agents to receive incoming calls from a central phone number.

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Hunt Group

The Hunt Group service allows incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among the members of that group according to a hunting policy.

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Voicemail Transcription

Masergy Voicemail Transcription saves time and increases productivity. No longer will you have to listen to your voicemail messages when you can read them.

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