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  • Intent-Based Networking and the Future of Software Defined Networks

    Software defined network architectures lay the foundation for the self-driving networks of our future. Explore the evolution of intent-based networks and learn how to build one.

  • Forward Outlook: The Future of SD-WAN as an Absorbed Routing Feature

    Masergy's CTO makes a hypothesis: Within the next few years, SD-WAN will become just another integrated network routing feature as opposed to the standalone solution it is today.

  • The New Era of Software Defined IT: Where We’re Headed Next

    As the digital evolution accelerates exponentially, we see profound impacts on innovation and the role of the CIO. Where is SDIT taking us next? What do we need to know about these transformational changes? How should we respond?

  • Digital Transformation and the Cloud: 5 Reasons CIOs Need to Get With the Program

    The importance of aligning tech and the business may sound like a no-brainer. In fact, the CIO position — created back in the 1980s — was supposed to do just that. Yet for decades, business leaders have complained that IT was either pursuing technology for technology's sake or merely keeping the lights on. The promise of aligning IT with the business remained unfulfilled. Now, true digital transformation is underway at a wide range of organizations and industries.

  • What CIOs Are Reading This Summer

    If you’re looking for something entertaining and thought provoking to read, there’s no need to look any further. We’ve compiled the ultimate CIO summer reading list for you.

  • Is Your Network Ready for the Internet of Things?

    Have you begun thinking about your network in light of the fast-tracking Internet of Things? If not, now’s the time to start.

  • Software Defined Now or Later?

    Software defined networking is a popular concept gaining acceptance across the information technology industry.

  • 5 Business Requirements for a Software-Defined WAN

    The corporate WAN is now the focus of considerable attention after years of modest network innovation. This is due in large part to new efforts behind Software Defined Networking (SDN) standards and architectures.

  • 4 Criteria for Selecting a Global Network Provider

    A global network is a company’s central nervous system that influences the overall health and performance of a business and it’s critical systems.

  • 2 Key Reasons CIOs Are Turning to Hybrid Networks

    Ask most CIOs what they’re doing to upgrade their network infrastructure and they’ll tell you their companies are adopting hybrid network architectures that provide the flexibility to address rapidly changing business requirements.