3 Ways UCaaS Can Help Organizations Weather Hurricane Harvey

3 Ways UCaaS Can Help Organizations Weather Hurricane Harvey

By now, everyone has heard of Hurricane Harvey, the tropical storm that has inundated parts of the Houston, Texas area with more than 40-50 inches of rain, flooding a quarter of the land mass that makes up Harris County.

Harvey is now hitting Louisiana, too, and storm surge alerts are in effect along hundreds of miles of coastline from Port Bolivar, Texas to Morgan City, Louisiana. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called the storm "one of the largest disasters America has ever faced," and said the region will have difficulty recovering as the flooding has been so devastating that lifelong meteorologists have struggled to convey its scope.

Yesterday, the residents of Harris County were finally greeted to some sun for the first time in days. While we don't yet know what the full impact of Hurricane Harvey will look like across South Texas and southern Louisiana, we know that today the real work begins. Having a modern Unified Communications system is the first line of defense in dealing with a crisis. As recovery efforts continue and rebuilding begins, being able to notify employees about what’s going on and enable them to continue to carry out critical tasks and normal business activities is essential.

How Unified Communications as a Service Solutions Can Help Mitigate Lost Business

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is one of the few services that can offer the tools required to help keep businesses communications running smoothly during exigent situations, which will be critical for South Texas and Louisiana organizations as they continue to stave off losses in revenue. UCaaS provides disaster recovery attributes which help organizations.

  • Take your phone anywhere. UCaaS service is geographically independent and operates over any IP connection.This means that users can literally unplug their work phones and take them home and conduct business as usual. Should the office or desk phone be unreachable or out of service, softphones are available to use on a laptop or mobile device.
  • Forward calls when you’re unavailable. UCaaS Solutions with call-forward not-reachable disaster-recovery features can help automatically redirect calls to predefined destinations when users’ phones are unreachable or unregistered for any reason.
  • Administer redirect capabilities. UCaaS administrators are able to change call flows at any time, remotely, from a browser. Calls can easily be redirected to other alternate office locations. Or a special hunt group can be set up to fit the specific needs of the emergency situation.

How You Can Donate to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Many organizations are working around the clock along the Gulf Coast to help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Tropical Storm Harvey. Masergy has partnered with the North Texas Jeep Club who will be taking supplies directly to victims on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017.

If you'd like to make donations to the North Texas Jeep Club, or any of the other organizations Masergy and its employees are supporting, please visit the following links: North Texas Jeep Club, Houston Food Bank, Salvation Army, American Red Cross.

Masergy is Ready to Help Re-Build South Texas and Louisiana

The thoughts and deepest sympathies of those of us at Masergy are with the families and victims dealing with the outcomes of this natural disaster.

We want to issue a message of support to our customers and Channel Partners who have been affected. As we did with Hurricane Matthew, Superstorm Sandy, and other related events, Masergy will be offering special terms on Cloud Communications solutions to help get your organizations up and running again.

Masergy's staff is available and ready to help those affected by the storm in any way we can. Our data centers have not failed and our 24 x 7 operating centers are up and running. Contact us today for help getting your organization or a customer’s organization back to work.

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