36% ROI on Masergy Hybrid Networking: Forrester Study Shows Strong Returns

36% ROI on Masergy Hybrid Networking: Forrester Study Shows Strong Returns

When making a decision about hybrid networking, every executive asks the question “what's the return on investment (ROI)?” It’s essential to justify any network investment. Hybrid networking is known to breathe agility into the IT environment, but how big is the financial benefit of the productivity gains?

The Answer for One Company: 36 Percent ROI

That’s according to a new study from Forrester, whose research team investigated the total economic impact of Masergy’s Hybrid Networking solution on a global transportation company. This analysis spanned data centers on three continents and hundreds of global offices. Additional findings include:

  • Reduction in vendor governance: 60 percent
  • Reallocation of IT staff from managing various network providers/systems to strategic revenue-generating initiatives
  • Network service cost reduction: $785,845 over a three-year period
  • Network capacity: Doubled
“Now with Masergy managing our global network, we can focus our time and resources on innovation,” the organization’s executive told Forrester. “With Masergy, we now have direct connectivity to cloud providers, increased application performance, and the ability to turn up our new offices quickly. That kind of agility is something we never had before.”

Agility Makes More Time for Innovation

Agility and application performance were among the top benefits for the company, helping employees be more strategic and focus on innovation. The solution included MPLS, SD-WAN, virtualized CPE, integrated WAN acceleration, and deep network visibility and control, making the IT environment easily programmable and simple to modify. As a result, the IT team avoided costs for manually modifying WAN configurations and reduced the need for dedicated monitoring by 35 percent which maximized the current headcount.

Executives had been frustrated with multiple legacy providers that were causing application performance issues and were slow to respond to their needs. With rapid expansion through acquisition and organic growth, the company was touching additional geographies every year, and their network quickly became a bottleneck.

Prior to Masergy, the organization’s engineers had to wait roughly five business days to make changes to their network with additional time needed to verify configurations with vendors. Plus, it took almost an hour just to fill out the paperwork!

Ease of Management Keeps Eyes on the Horizon

After deploying the solution, each optimization of their global network occurred in real-time via an online portal that saved significant amounts of time for the engineering team. Additional benefits included a clearer view into both network resource allocation and cloud environments with direct cloud interconnections into Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. More control and visibility into every instance has made management simple.

“With the on-demand service control tools from Masergy, we can see the current live traffic and figure out how much we consume, and with one click we can upgrade bandwidth when and where we need it.”

The deep visibility and continuously customizable network is helping the IT team be flexible for whatever the future may bring. Now, they’re solving problems and keeping their eyes on what’s coming next in today’s world of rapidly advancing technologies.

“Masergy is helping us think far ahead. When we met with them, they white-boarded our entire global network after discussing in depth our applications, data center locations, employees, and remote users. Instead of other vendors who pushed products, they solved business problems.”

Read the complete Forrester study and contact Masergy for a free hybrid networking white-boarding session.

About Terry Traina

Senior Vice President, Engineering, Masergy
Terry Traina is the senior vice president of engineering and has been with Masergy since 2004. Terry leads various teams including research and development, platform architecture, software engineering, and product development. Terry has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry specializing in building and managing everything from enterprise software-defined networks to routing and switching platforms. Prior to joining Masergy, Terry has held various technical positions at Chiaro Networks, Allied Riser Communications, and EDS. Terry holds a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering from University of Southwestern Louisiana.