4 Reasons to Elevate Business Communications to the Cloud

4 Reasons to Elevate Business Communications to the Cloud

The telephone. Businesses have used this 140 year-old technology to communicate and collaborate since its inception.

But the telephone is showing its age. So are the legacy enterprise PBX systems that lack the integrated management and visibility dynamic organizations are looking for. Neither do they offer the rich collaboration features that employees, customers and partners expect (and increasingly demand).

Even worse, legacy phone systems at most companies are exhausting IT department resources that should be used for strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

What’s needed is a simple, scalable communications solution for the modern business; one that can leverage legacy phone systems but still deliver a modern collaboration environment while:

  1. lowering the total cost of ownership
  2. eliminating equipment costs
  3. minimizing software upgrades
  4. delivering visibility and automated reporting

Cloud Communications

Masergy Cloud Communications delivers these benefits and more. Masergy helps organizations strategically migrate business communications to the cloud, even if you have legacy hardware.

Our Cloud Communications solutions provide:

  • Global UC as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Intelligent SIP Trunking
  • Global private dialing with no long distance costs
  • Seamless voice, video and instant messaging
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • BYOD support with single number mobilitly
  • Disaster recovery with automatic failover

Masergy can help companies implement a hybrid solution that incorporates legacy PBXes as they migrate to the cloud on their desired timetable.

For unparalleled call quality, Masergy Cloud Communications is embedded into the fabric of our Hybrid Network solution, a global software-defined platform that guarantees high performance and real-time control over all traffic and performance issues.

Whether you choose to deploy our Cloud Communications solution over your existing network or with a Masergy Hybrid Networking system, our experts will customize the perfect unified communications migration roadmap for your business.

The technology behind Masergy’s Cloud Communications enables employees to send and receive HD voice calls on desktop phones, smartphones and even from a web browser. And we’re always innovating. Our WebRTC-based solutions provide exciting new ways to engage with customers and partners through browser-based voice calling and video conferencing.

With Masergy Cloud Communications, every employee has a simple, seamless collaboration platform to get more done if they’re working at the headquarters in San Francisco, a remote office in Rio or on the train in Tokyo.

Masergy Cloud Communications delivers guaranteed performance, business continuity, and unlimited scalability--and it’s all available from a low-maintenance cloud service that reduces your total cost of ownership and future-proofs your investment as new capabilities are made available.

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About Dean Manzoori

VP, Cloud Communications, Masergy
Dean Manzoori is Vice President of Product Management for UCaaS at Masergy Communications. He brings over 25 years of IT experience in a variety of roles including operational management, strategic planning and business development. Dean holds a BSEE from California State University, Long Beach with Great Distinction and an MBA from Pepperdine University.