5 Business Requirements for a Software-Defined WAN

5 Business Requirements for a Software-Defined WAN

The corporate WAN is now the focus of considerable attention after years of modest network innovation. This is due in large part to new efforts behind Software Defined Networking (SDN) standards and architectures. Network organizations have an opportunity to make significant upgrades to their WANs with the goal of improving critical application performance and delivering greater business agility.

To accurately assess the impact of Software Defined WAN technology, network organizations will need to adopt an aggressive approach to the analysis and implementation of an SDN strategy. An Ovum survey of IT adoption rates of SDN indicates that over half of those queried are in the evaluation and planning phases. Over a quarter are in active deployment or trials.

Digital Strategies

Here are 5 critical issues that IT decision-makers should consider when implementing Software Defined Networking in their IT environments:

  • The ability for remote sites and branch offices to leverage public and private WANs in an active-active fashion for business applications
  • The ability to deploy customer premise equipment in physical or virtual form on commodity hardware
  • A secure hybrid WAN architecture that allows for dynamic traffic engineering capability across private and public WAN paths as specified by application policy, WAN capability and/or degradation at the transport or application layer
  • Visibility, prioritization and steering of business critical and real-time applications based on security, corporate governance and compliance policies
  • A highly available and resilient hybrid WAN environment for optimal client and application experience

Now is the perfect time for network architects and administrators to start considering the impact that SDN can have on their digital strategies. A robust and modern WAN architecture is a crucial component to any company’s digital transformation initiatives.

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