5 reasons to be excited about the Comcast Business acquisition

Today, I am delighted to share the news that Comcast Business has completed its acquisition of Masergy. With the close of this business transaction, today marks the day that Masergy officially joins the Comcast Business family, and I am extremely excited as we embark on this journey together, charting the future of transformative technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

In order to embrace what’s next, it’s important to first articulate the strategic rationale behind the acquisition. What makes Comcast Business and Masergy such a perfect pair, and why should clients and partners alike be inspired by this union? Moreover, what can you expect in the days and weeks ahead? Here are some of the answers, including how our combined company will accelerate digital transformation, create superior customer-first experiences, and unlock more value for clients, partners, and the industry at large.

Avatar for Chris MacFarlandBy Chris MacFarland|Oct 8, 2021|7:30 am CDT

Why you should be excited about Masergy, a Comcast Business company

1. Support and backing of one of the largest, most successful companies

Masergy provides a perfect complement to Comcast Business’ portfolio of enterprise services and expansive network, together allowing us to quickly and dramatically amplify growth in the global enterprise market and bolster our overall channel distribution strategy. Masergy and Comcast Business will be able to offer the full range of fiber, broadband, and software-defined network solutions wrapped in security and managed services to advance today’s multi-cloud businesses. As companies in every industry transform to deliver the next generation of employee and customer experiences, both Comcast and Masergy have been recognized by industry analysts as leaders and innovators, pioneering technological and service excellence in digital transformation.

What Comcast Business Brings MasergyWhat Masergy Brings Comcast Business
Set of differentiated products and capabilities: Expansive high-speed U.S. fiber footprint, comprising the largest U.S. Gig-speed broadband network, Ethernet connections up to 100 Gbps, as well as a large voice platform with owned UCaaS technologiesGlobal network and IT innovation in high-growth markets: A secure cloud networking platform including SD-WAN and SASE solutions catering to large enterprises and mid-markets with multinational operations
A well-known and highly respected business-to-business brand with large-scale operations, R&D investments, and sales opportunitiesGlobal operating experience with managed services known for unrivaled customer experiences coupled with a strong channel partner program

2. Price for value: Scale and scope

Comcast Business’ U.S.-based, advanced fiber network and Masergy’s global software-defined network will now have the power to work together, creating an expanded service that delivers more value to us and our clients and partners. Comcast Business has the nation’s largest Gig-speed broadband network, giving Masergy the advantage of service ownership economics at most sites in North America.

For our clients and partners, this means we’ll be able to leverage Comcast’s sheer scale, market presence, and buying power, as well as the nation’s largest Gig-speed network, to drive more competitive rates and win more deals. Our joint solutions combine Comcast’s network working in sync with Masergy’s SD-WAN and global network services, including our industry-leading SLAs, mature AIOps capabilities, and new Performance Edge solution. As a result, clients will be able to manage their domestic and international operations more efficiently, using a single cloud and network platform to monitor, manage, and help secure their IT environment.

3. Broader portfolio options

Masergy and Comcast Business have complimentary services; the blend of which will enhance the value brought to businesses of all sizes. This opens the door to a new world of opportunities for all involved:

  • Wider footprint of managed network and cloud services increasing the value that we can bring to the market
  • Larger menu of network, security, and cloud communications solutions for clients to choose from
  • Broader reach for channel partners wanting to resonate with a variety of companies — regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journey

Together, Masergy and Comcast Business can successfully serve the full business market, staying oriented around the needs of small businesses, mid-market enterprises, and large multinational corporations.

4. Incremental investment in product innovation

IT innovation is no stranger to Masergy, and Comcast Business will act as a catalyst for additional ingenuity — adding gas to Masergy’s solution engine. With millions of dollars to invest in research and development, our employees, clients, and channel partners are sure to be the beneficiaries of our commitment to developing transformative technology solutions for today and tomorrow.

5. Incremental investment in operational excellence

Masergy has become known as the managed service provider delivering unrivaled customer experiences to more than 1,400 customers in nearly 100 countries with Net Promoter Scores averaging 70+. Now, we will be better positioned to scale up, leveraging Comcast Business’ incremental investments in operational excellence.

The combination of more offerings, more value, and more resources for innovation, sales, and operations only increases the opportunities for our channel partners. We will remain a channel-friendly company, focused on maintaining and building our channel momentum. Comcast Business President, Bill Stemper is quoted in the official announcement today as stating, “This deal fortifies our channel distribution strategy and redoubles our commitment to the channel partner community.”

Going forward: What you can expect

While the integration represents another large undertaking, our companies are coming together to establish guiding principles leading our acquisition strategy. These include preserving Masergy’s strategic strengths, focusing on growth, and using existing tools and processes to move fast. At the same time, we will continue to mitigate any critical risks, commit to putting the right resources in the right places, and keep a close eye on success measurements that will move our business forward.

For now, it’s business as usual while our joint teams begin to outline the integration plan. Comcast Business and Masergy are committed to delivering the same superior experience to all clients and partners as we work to integrate our teams and portfolios. Clients and partners can expect the same industry-leading customer experience, solutions, and services they’ve known as we work in parallel to integrate our teams and lay the foundation for continued innovation and growth.

There is much to be excited about! As Masergy and Comcast Business come together, we are now better positioned to serve more business needs all while outpacing and outperforming some of the largest service providers in our industry.

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