5 Ways to Improve Contact Center Customer Service

March 26th, 2019

Customer service is key to customer satisfaction, but millennials and social media have dramatically altered customer interactions. Contact Centers focused solely on voice are becoming obsolete and could be ruining your business. But the cloud offers the best way to engage, track, and understand your customers anywhere in real time.

Today’s cloud contact centers provide the opportunity to gather better information about customers and operations, leading to powerful insights that can transform customer service.

The customer service environment, however, can also be intimidating and confusing. Customers have a wide variety of contact channels available, and you never know which they’re going to use. They expect every interaction to be seamless, but connecting the dots can be tough for your agents, especially if your operations are geographically spread out.

Here are five things you can do to deliver a superior experience no matter what your customers throw at you.

1. CONNECT all of your customer channels.

Customers don’t just pick up a phone and call your 800 number like they used to. They use text, email, chat, and social media to contact you which gives you several ways to collect information about their preferences. Unfortunately, it also means more touchpoints and data to manage.

Many centers have separate platforms for each customer touchpoint with no central location for data storage.

Integrated knowledge is powerful. By connecting all of your customer channels and leveraging one omnichannel contact center solution , you can proactively fix flaws and address customer needs you didn’t know about before while simultaneously improving agent productivity.

2. KNOW your customers.

Imagine what it would be like if your all of your agents could recognize any customer instantly, no matter what form of contact they used. Based on past performance, they would know if the customer is likely to be impatient or to have a tendency to bolt before a conversation is completed. They would see what the customer has bought and what their preferences are—all before a single word is spoken.

If you use a cloud-based communication system that connects with Salesforce or another CRM, your agents will have this information at their fingertips the moment the call, email, or chat request hits their screen. Anticipating needs is the ultimate customer service. In the modern, connected contact center, it’s no longer an impossible dream.

3. ACCESS to the experts.​

To resolve problems quickly, agents sometimes need to connect with a subject matter expert. But they’re often in the dark when it comes to finding one. It might be someone they don’t know who is hundreds of miles from the call center. The agent has no idea whether they’re available and doesn’t know what to tell the waiting customer.

When the contact center is tied to a robust enterprise UCaaS platform, you give agents instant visibility to experts’ schedules and one-click access to quick chats, messages, or video calls. Being able to connect with subject matter experts via the collaboration tools they use regularly keeps them fully engaged with their part of the customer service process, and the speed with which questions can be answered impresses customers and eliminates the need for call-backs.

4. REAL TIME information.​

With real-time access to customer conversations, managers can step in as needed to offer help and save deals. Using the best contact center platforms, all call center information can be compiled into easy-to-read, reports that help managers spot trends and use resources more efficiently. It can also be passed to marketers so they’ll know who to retarget and which channels to use, increasing the retention rate of your customer base.

5. MATCH customer needs to agent expertise.​

Every customer is different. So is every agent. Analyzing call center data will teach you as much about your own agents as it does about your customers. You can route calls based on the best fit, whether that means matching agents trained in collections with delinquent customers or matching social media expert agents with customers who communicate through social channels.

When they’re connected with the right agent, customers are much more likely to get questions answered in their style. Getting this information into the hands of the right agent in the right channel at the right time will give customers the seamless experience they long for but seldom find. A consistent, high-quality experience is bound to have a strong effect on retention and sales.

Customer service is more complex in today’s multichannel environment, but leveraging cloud contact centers provide you with unparalleled opportunities to learn more about your customers.

Jody Gilliam

With 15+ years of experience developing content-focused marketing strategies for technology companies, Jody crafts thought leadership articles and develops research ideas to support Masergy’s marketing initiatives. Her background in journalism serves her well, as she works closely with industry analysts and Masergy’s top leaders to publish engaging content. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and communications from Southwestern University and her master’s degree in digital marketing from the University of Denver.

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