5 Ways to Take Network Automation to a New Level

5 Ways to Take Network Automation to a New Level

IT departments expend endless hours and countless dollars on network automation tools—hardware and software that handle change and configuration management issues. They also invest considerable energy in writing scripts that automate network change management functions and run tests to ensure they get the desired results.

But with managed network services such as those provided by Masergy, automation comes as part of your solution. Masergy’s global managed services uses automation in the design and ongoing management of customers’ WANs, including:

  • Network design and deployment
  • Configuration management
  • Provisioning for backup and recovery
  • New office deployments
  • Addition of new network functions

Network automation is ideal for ongoing maintenance activities that are:

  • Traditionally performed on premise
  • Highly repetitive
  • Prone to human error

Automation takes the complexity out of network management and lets administrators buy back time to focus on more strategic activities that will drive business efficiencies and innovation.

Programmable Enterprise

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is an important concept that enhances network agility and control by making all network devices, services and functions programmable. For example, NFV allows routers, firewalls and session border controllers to be implemented in software and deployed to existing customer-based network interface devices or even on commodity hardware.

Masergy is able to push software out to these devices and have the new network function up and running in a matter of minutes as opposed to the weeks it can take to ship a device to a remote location and send an administrator to set it up.

Taking this virtualization to the next logical step, Masergy gives customers access to a web portal where they can initiate the software deployment themselves if they prefer.

Reduced Complexity

HOP Energy LLC, a White Plains, N.Y. based energy company operating in 6 states in the Northeastern U.S., has grown over the last 16 years by acquiring nearly 50 companies. Its previous network was rigid and prone to failure, impeding the flow of business and resulting in lots of help desk calls by busy employees.

Masergy’s intelligent analytics and service control features lets HOP automate the scheduling of network bandwidth changes, which Masilamani says is a huge plus.

Access to these automated features is provided via Masergy’s  web portal where the HOP network-operations team can also gain visibility into network performance via Masergy’s cloud based Intelligent Service Control network analysis tool.

Learn how Masergy’s hybrid networking services can deliver the performance your business requires.

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