7 Distinctive Benefits of Masergy’s SD-WAN

7 Distinctive Benefits of Masergy’s SD-WAN

SD-WAN adoption is rapidly taking hold in companies of all sizes as they undergo digital transformation. It is an attractive option for businesses that are updating their WAN edge equipment, connecting branch offices, modernizing their WAN infrastructure, and aggressively moving to the cloud. Masergy's SD-WAN solution delivers core capabilities that companies require to address bandwidth demands, and gain greater visibility and control over their WANs. Customers can connect a single office to their WAN or directly to the Internet in minutes rather than days and then add other locations as needed. Unlike other solutions on the market, customers are not required to deploy SD-WAN throughout their network. Here are some other unique attributes of the Masergy SD-WAN solution:

  1. Fully managed
  2. Embedded firewall with unified threat management
  3. POP-to-cloud SLAs with guaranteed performance and 99.99% uptime
  4. Secure Internet offload
  5. Deploy it only where you need it
  6. Integrates with any corporate WAN
  7. Seamless integration with Masergy WAN fabric

The Edge

The network edge is the locus of much of today's information processing. Yet all too often mobile, branch office and remote workers are frustrated by application performance that result from network issues. This is especially critical as companies increasingly move to cloud services and applications. That doesn't have to be the case for organizations that want an SD-WAN solution that balances their performance and cost requirements. With Masergy Managed SD-WAN, businesses can gain a new level of network intelligence to meet their growing bandwidth and performance requirements at the right price.


Masergy Managed SD-WAN takes advantage of Masergy's Software-Defined Platform to ease configuration with zero-touch provisioning; policy-based routing for high-traffic applications; and WAN optimization. It lets users simultaneously leverage active-active circuits to deliver the best connectivity bang-for-the-buck without sacrificing resiliency. The Masergy network platform also centralizes the orchestration, management and control of customer networks, and provides single-pane-of-glass visibility into network health via our Intelligent Service Control (ISC) portal. Masergy's core philosophy is that SD-WAN solutions shouldn’t lock customers into a single vendor or technology. The solution gives customers choice, flexibility and control. Masergy Managed SD-WAN lets customers choose between their preferred private and Internet connectivity types to integrate the network edge with their cloud systems and corporate WANs. As a transport agnostic solution, buyers can opt for Masergy-sourced broadband or bring their own bandwidth (BYOB). Of course, we also provide seamless integration with all of Masergy's layer 2 and 3 virtual network features to assure all locations and applications get the service level they need.

Easy Route

Masergy delivers SD-WAN as a fully managed service. We think every enterprise benefits from having a partner that can handle the design, connectivity implementation and deployment issues, not to mention continuous monitoring and maintenance. Some companies that have elected to implement SD-WAN solutions in-house have found deployment challenging. Having a skilled service provider to partner with means you benefit from their experience and best practices. More companies are still researching SD-WAN than have actually deployed the technology. Gartner suggests that SD-WAN has less than 5% of the market today. But there's no doubt that it will become an essential element of the corporate WAN. If complexity and cost has kept you from considering this technology, take a look at Masergy Managed SD-WAN. As a lightweight and managed solution, we think it will change your mind. To learn more about Masergy's SD-WAN solutions read our white paper.

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Director, Product Management, Masergy
Paul Ruelas is Director of Network Products at Masergy. He brings over 26 years of expertise in telecommunications, IP Networks, complex solution design, and product development. Paul has developed many Ethernet and optical products that enabled numerous global enterprises to transform their data communication infrastructures to improve business outcomes. Paul is an industry thought leader in communication transformation and on topics such as hybrid networking, SDN, NFV, and cloud connectivity.