75 RFP Questions to Ask Your Global WAN Provider

75 RFP Questions to Ask Your Global WAN Provider

Today, enterprises must digitally transform or die, and the much of the pressure to innovate with hybrid networking falls squarely on the shoulders of CIOs. But finding a hybrid network services provider who can reach beyond “feeds and speeds” to help you infuse agility into your infrastructure and drive a true technological revolution is no simple task. Here at Masergy, we believe that extraordinary expectations shouldn’t be left to ordinary networks. That’s why our team recently compiled a list of 75 RFP questions to help enterprises identify partners capable of driving their digital transformation agendas.

Masergy’s eguide, The 2018 Hybrid Network Buyers Checklist, outlines the rising expectations of enterprise network services buyers, the seven areas of technical leadership your hybrid networking partner should have, and the key questions you should ask to tease out leaders in the following areas:

  • User Experience: Application Performance
  • Network Agility: Software Defined Platforms
  • Balancing Performance, Price, and Risk: Access Agnostic
  • Predictable Public Cloud Access: Direct Cloud Connectivity
  • Security: Managed Detection and Response
  • Mobility and Productivity: Unified Cloud Communications
  • Expanding Your Resources: Implementation, Support, and Overall Customer Experience from a True Partner

Agility is a key theme throughout the eguide and for good reason. IT leaders are elevating agility to the top of their decision-making criteria, making it equally important as network performance and reliability. They view agility as a core characteristic property that their networks need in order to outpace today’s velocity of change and remain nimble--ready for anything. Laying a network infrastructure that paves the way for agility, optimization, and transformation is considered a prerequisite to disrupt and dominate any industry. For most enterprises, that foundation includes an investment in a software defined platform for customized yet infinitely flexible networks that continue to evolve as needs change in the future.

Of course, true digital transformation requires more than introducing any given technology.

You want the right mix of technical prowess and innovation leadership--otherwise your efforts will culminate in digital disruption without the critical metamorphosis. So, the other half of the success equation is finding the right partner. That means identifying a networking and security leader who can be a digital change agent, bringing together forward-thinking strategies with tenured experience and nothing shy of operational excellence.

Pilots of the digital journey are recognizable by their ability to leverage advanced technologies to absorb the complexity of traditional architectures and empower you to quickly adopt new technologies, fail fast, learn, adapt, and evolve. We believe these partnerships are marked by activities well beyond simply evaluating network performance and forecasting usage. Digital transformers keep a finger on the pulse of emerging ideas and help you accelerate cloud migration, IoT strategies, and mobility and productivity initiatives. Best of all, these guides educate you about intent-based networking and the self-driving networks of our future, giving you foresight into how your investments today will position you to reap the biggest and brightest competitive advantages of tomorrow.

In the end, those who succeed in network transformation will outpace the velocity of change and thrive in the new digital age. Those who fail will be displaced by more nimble competitors.

Download our eguide to help you find a hybrid networking visionary.

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Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Masergy
Chris Werpy is senior vice president of solutions and services and has been with Masergy since 2007. He leads multiple teams and is responsible for the Solutions Engineering, Client Services and Emerging Markets organizations. He brings more than 15 years of networking and communications experience with a proven track record in technical and strategic roles in operations, sales and business development. Prior to joining Masergy, Chris held various leadership positions at ICG Communications, LineSider Technologies and Pac-West Telecom. He has published numerous industry articles, spoken on various panels and is a recognized thought leader in the communications and security industries.