A Quality Network Will Make Cloud Strategies Rain Success

A Quality Network Will Make Cloud Strategies Rain Success

The cloud is spreading across all industries at a torrid pace; offering cost-cutting abilities and the flexibility to help companies of all sizes enhance their businesses.

IDC says cloud spending will top $36 billion in 2012, at a growth rate that is four times the overall IT industry average.

As the cloud proliferates, it is clear that no “one-size-fits-all” model delivers the dynamic applications that businesses crave. Ultimately, even the most ambitious and innovative cloud strategies rely on one simple element to ensure success – the corporate network.

A company’s network connects it to the cloud. Rigid network solutions make it difficult to adapt to the changing needs of cloud-based applications, limiting the very flexibility that drive cloud adoption.

The ideal network is QoS-enabled, reducing or eliminating jitter and latency for high-demand business applications. Network visibility and control are also important characteristics, helping administrators constantly analyze network performance and, if necessary, easily increase bandwidth and services in real-time.

cloud-enabled network should easily configure to a company’s cloud strategies in a way that best meets their business needs, letting those enterprises explore the primary cloud models used today, including:

  • Public Cloud – Applications, information and computing power are accessed via the Internet. Primary concerns include security, latency, jitter and other performance issues.
  • Private Cloud – Businesses purchase, configure and maintain physical servers to run cloud in-house. While secure and customized, concerns include high infrastructure, maintenance and utility costs.
  • Virtual Private Cloud – Connects businesses to a public cloud provider through a secure, QoS-enabled network that is inaccessible to outside parties. Eliminates most public cloud concerns, while maintaining flexibility.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Incorporates public, private and virtual private cloud options to correspond with a variety of needs and business applications.

As companies continue to define and refine their cloud strategies, the quality and agility of their networks will determine if those projects succeed. Don’t get caught off guard. Ensure your network makes your cloud strategies rain profits.

About Tim Naramore

Chief Technology Officer, Masergy
Tim Naramore is the Chief Technology Officer of Masergy Communications and brings more than 30 years of experience in IT and telecommunications to the discussion. Tim has worked at Frito-Lay, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Allegiance Telecom and Broadwing Communications on technologies ranging from IBM mainframes to handheld computers and web applications. Tim is responsible for the IT, Network Engineering and Software Engineering groups at Masergy. He holds a bachelor's of science in information systems from Pittsburg State University.