Advancing SD-WAN security and control, Masergy introduces identity-based WAN analytics

Avatar for Terry TrainaBy Terry Traina|Apr 14, 2020|7:30 am CDT

Today, Masergy announced the addition of Identity-Based WAN Analytics to its comprehensive SD-WAN management portal. This latest innovation builds on Masergy’s 20-year leadership in network visibility with embedded analytics in SD-WAN.

Greater awareness of user activity across an enterprise network allows for improved identity verification, deeper security visibility, granular control of security policies, and cloud visibility for better protection across the organization’s entire IT environment. Whereas traditional SD-WAN offerings are limited to tracking IP traffic for entire sites, the new feature makes per-user analytics a standard offering inside Masergy’s SD-WAN management portal.

Masergy’s Identity-Based WAN Analytics represents another way we are doubling down on security and adding more transparency into our SD-WAN solution. Today’s CIOs, CISOs and business leaders looking to enable advanced security strategies like micro-segmentation, granular perimeter enforcement, and Zero Trust now have greater visibility with this directly integrated analytics solution.

Included in Masergy’s SD-WAN portal for a single pane-of-glass view, Identity-Based WAN Analytics empowers enterprises to increase security and reporting on-premise, in the cloud and beyond. Added benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency and cost savings: IT teams can more quickly identify user activity and remediate risks associated with shadow IT – an increasingly critical necessity to manage today’s virtual workforces and remote employees.
  • Enablement of advanced security strategies: Validating users on more than just IP addresses/ID passwords and managing information access based on user analytics are foundational techniques for data flow mapping, micro-segmentation, and deploying a Zero-Trust security strategy.
  • Preparation for intent-based networking: User analytics and converging both network and security analytics into a unified management portal are prerequisites for intent-based networking and ultimately autonomous networks. Thus, this new feature serves as a foundational next step in Masergy’s path to create the innovative networks of the future.

“Organizations deploying a deep network segmentation technology and behavioral threat analytics see a 42 percent reduction in their mean time to contain a cybersecurity incident,” according to John Burke, principal research analyst, and CIO at Nemertes Research. “Network services able to feed data into and integrate with deep segmentation, and related behavioral threat analytics solutions will soon be key requirements for robust cybersecurity.”

Masergy Identity-Based WAN Analytics emphasizes granular control over data traffic and advances the ability to rapidly identify suspicious or malicious behavior. This enhancement within Masergy’s client portal meets the security needs of modern enterprises without compromising productivity so they can continue to best serve clients and drive the business forward.

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