Analytics Bring IT Into Focus

Analytics Bring IT Into Focus

Big data analytics isn’t only for making sense of consumer behaviors. CIOs and other technology professionals can use analytics to reduce the cost and complexity of their systems, gain greater visibility into performance issues and exercise better control in response to changing business requirements.

Big data, of course, refers to the petabytes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that organizations generate and store. A lot of that big data comes from outside the organization, via social media and the Web. But organizations generate plenty of operational data from their own systems and networks.

Analytics comes into play when data scientists use high-tech tools—including predictive analytics and data mining—to analyze big data in real time for useful insights that they can act upon. The ultimate goal: better-informed decisions that lead to tangible business improvements.

Demand is high. The global market for big data and analytics will hit $125 billion this year, predicts market watcher IDC. Much of that will be in the cloud. IDC expects that over the next five years, spending on cloud-based big data analytics will grow three times faster than spending for on-premises solutions.

Analytics Usher in New Era of IT

IT organizations and managed service providers are starting to use analytics to design data centers and networks, to optimize software performance and to protect their data. Analytics will play an increasingly important role in reducing IT complexity and automating many tasks that have required manual intervention.

Masergy employs big data analytics in its Unified Enterprise Security (UES) managed service to analyze network traffic, identify potential security threats, and put measures in place to identify and thwart those threats going forward. UES also employs next-generation machine learning, which involves algorithms that “learn” from big data, building models that can be used for later predictions and decisions.

Masergy’s cloud-based networking solution also uses advanced analytics. Intelligent Network Analyst (INA) provides sophisticated network and application analysis in real time. Customers can fully customize their networks to monitor and analyze network traffic, application bottlenecks and critical infrastructure to meet specific performance requirements.

UCaaS Analyst offers cloud performance analytics that help users of Masergy’s Unified Communications as a Service troubleshoot and solve quality issues. Issue resolutions that took days can now be achieved in minutes. And it’s delivered free from the cloud to all Masergy UCaaS customers.

Data analytics aren’t only for understanding business outcomes. IT groups can benefit too through increased visibility and control, automation and reduction in complexity.

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