Application-Based Routing: How SD-WAN Squeezes More Bandwidth Out of Your Network

Application-Based Routing: How SD-WAN Squeezes More Bandwidth Out of Your Network

With modern WAN management and visibility tools, many enterprises can get more bandwidth out of their existing corporate network, taking advantage of unused resources. That means CIOs and IT managers may not even need to purchase more bandwidth to support their growing number of cloud applications and services. Even if they do, centralized management portals make it fast and easy to add more power. Here’s how SD-WAN and application-based routing capabilities squeeze more bandwidth out of your network--juicing it for all it’s worth.

There’s been a lot of excitement about SD-WAN among forward-thinking CIOs, because many see it a two-pronged tool to both maximize bandwidth usage and enable productivity among IT teams. The power of SD-WAN comes largely from one of its best features: application-based routing. WAN traffic management is a consistent IT challenge. One key benefit of SD-WAN is its ability to prioritize how bandwidth is allocated and to make assignments automatically--this is where application-based routing comes in. It’s the automated network traffic steering tool.

How Application-Based Routing Works and Keys for Success

SD-WAN application-based routing features make it possible for businesses to set policies to switch transports on the fly based on their own defined parameters, as opposed to destination-based routing, which does not support this capability. As a behind-the-scenes enabler, application-based routing allows the centralized control of WAN traffic flows, making use of all network paths (both private and public). This way, bandwidth is automatically assigned based on your prioritized list of applications, users, and locations.

Managed SD-WAN solutions are backed by software-defined networking platforms and real-time performance dashboards. This deep visibility and on-demand control is key, as it gives IT professionals the ability to preemptively schedule bandwidth adjustments (to support off-hours data backup for instance) and manually dial up and down resources if the regularly scheduled bandwidth plan doesn’t meet expectations. The result is an agile system that flexes to the needs of dynamic enterprises actively adding new cloud apps or evolving on digital transformation journeys.

SD-WAN clearly adds value as a way to automatically put resources where they’re needed, but solution set-up, edge device maintenance, routing management, and network monitoring can sometimes act as a barrier to entry for IT teams that are already overwhelmed. To avoid these issues, many enterprises turn to a managed SD-WAN provider for help with deployment and proactive monitoring 24/7.

How One Customer Increased Available Bandwidth by 30% and Cut Costs by 40%

How much more “juice” and cost efficiencies can enterprises get from SD-WAN’s application-based routing? One company used Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN to tap into unused bandwidth. The result: the solution reallocated existing resources, boosting available bandwidth by 30% and reducing costs by 40%:

  • 40% Cost Savings: Through vendor consolidation and by transitioning private access to public broadband, the company decreased costs by 40 percent.
  • 30% More Bandwidth: By deploying a hybrid WAN where both private access and SD-WAN coexist, the company boosted its available bandwidth by 30 percent, better serving business-critical applications worldwide while also balancing price, performance, and risk tolerance in an environment that backs their cloud-focused strategy.

Beyond just cost savings, what excites me the most about SD-WAN in 2019? Check out my short video!


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Application-Based Routing: Three Reasons to Choose Masergy Managed SD-WAN

A turnkey offering like Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN is an efficiency tool, boosting bandwidth utilization and IT productivity. As a fully managed service, it’s simple to deploy and maintain. And it’s flexible too, enabling you to connect any location/application via any transport method (public or private). By partnering with the only visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for global network services, your enterprise will be able to intelligently use all available bandwidth to enable price-performance optimization.

How Masergy’s SD-WAN Stands Above the Rest

  1. Security Built-In: Where other providers simply have IPSec tunneling, Masergy has a next-generation firewall with Unified Threat Management built into our SD-WAN product. Masergy also goes the distance with a total solution package. With security analytics incorporated into the network performance dashboard and add-on security services to take more burden off your IT resources, customers get a holistic view of both network domains coupled with 24/7 security monitoring and complete managed detection and response services.
  2. More Agility and Visibility in One Portal: Masergy’s SD-WAN is embedded into the fabric of our Software Defined Network Platform, so our SD-WAN isn’t separated from the rest of the customer WAN. Every SD-WAN instance is working on the same network backbone, so everything stays in sync. Customers get a unified view of analytics for WAN edge devices, the network, and application performance. It’s a single view of performance in one centralized management portal that delivers deep visibility and on-demand controls. Customers can adjust bandwidth themselves using the self-service controls online or call on Masergy for a full-service experience--most customers do both!
  3. A Fully Managed Service: The equipment is all managed and the service is entirely supported 24/7 by certified engineers in Masergy’s global network operations centers. And with a 99% customer retention rate and Net Promoter Scores of 70+ for four years running, Masergy’s customer experience is unparalleled in the industry.

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