Recent posts by Andrew Ramos

With 20+ years of experience as a strategic sales leader, Andrew consistently sets the stage for growth by crafting highly customized solutions that scale and grow with the long-term needs of enterprise customers. At Masergy, he has developed and managed strategic relationships across each sales channel and was promoted to lead efforts in cultivating and enhancing relationships with global systems integrators. Prior to joining Masergy, Andrew served as sales executive for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Moving contact centers and communications to the cloud: A guide to the hybrid cloud approach

Hybrid cloud approaches are making it easier to move communications and contact centers to the cloud. Understand the benefits and how it works.

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Cloud UC and SD-WAN: Why they’re better together

Research shows those who are most satisfied with cloud UC solutions are using SD-WAN. Explore the advantages of this technology pairing.

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Perfect VoIP and Video Conferencing: How to Avoid Digital Mush

VoIP and video communications must be crystal clear. Don’t miss this network connectivity guide that helps you identify the access types best suited to accommodate unified communications.

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Cisco Recognizes Masergy with Two Webex Contact Center Awards

With two awards, Cisco recognizes Masergy as its top strategic partner in delivering Webex Contact Center solutions to the market. Masergy has more bookings and the most global users worldwide.

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Masergy and Cisco Offer a Smooth Migration Path to the Cloud

Masergy and Cisco have partnered together to give enterprises everything they need in a single, cloud-based environment that smoothes migration.

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