ZK Research Webinar: Automate your IT operations with AIOps + SASE

Posted on March 29, 2021

What if you could foresee network outages before they occurred? AIOps can. Artificial intelligence is predicting the future now, and in today’s post-pandemic era using AI for automation is a must. That’s because digital transformation is happening at an accelerated pace. Consider that employee and customer expectations are bigger than ever around application performance, and improved digital interactions must be available everywhere. When multi-cloud environments and more network demands are the norm, IT leaders are using AI-powered virtual assistants to stay ahead.

IT teams and their networks were already under pressure before the pandemic, and AI is viewed as the best way to work smarter not harder. According to Gartner:

  • 34% of unplanned downtime comes from engineers – humans making mistakes.
  • Organizations that automate more than 70% of their network change activities will reduce the number of outages by at least 50% and deliver services 50% faster.
  • By 2024, 20% of SD-WAN configurations and troubleshooting will be touchless via an AI assistant.

Everyone knows AI, but now you need to know AIOps–AI for IT operations.

AIOps: AI for IT Operations

AIOps technologies are forging the future with automation for IT management, and it’s on the brink of completely revolutionizing IT the same way the Internet and cloud computing did. In fact, AIOps is predicting outages, eliminating the problems of cloud application management, and automating processes that have strained IT teams for decades.

As AIOps and SASE unite the potential only increases. SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge, and it represents the next generation of SD-WAN solutions where network and security capabilities are all in one cloud-based service. Today, companies of all sizes have the power to not only converge the network with security using SASE but also to anticipate all types of IT challenges and intelligently prevent them using machine learning and predictive analytics via AIOps.

So, are you ready to capitalize on AIOps and automate IT operations starting now? Don’t miss Principal Analyst at ZK Research Zeus Kerravala and me, Ray Watson, in an interactive webinar, April 21st at 10 AM Central. In this online event, attendees will:

  • Understand how AIOps works and its relationship with SASE
  • Explore the strongest use cases for AIOps and how companies are benefiting now
  • See how Masergy pairs SASE and AIOps delivering a simple, turnkey solution
Ray Watson

Ray Watson is VP of Innovation at Masergy. He brings over 17 years of expertise in IT strategy, application solution design and next-generation network architectures. Ray has enabled numerous global enterprises in transforming their IT infrastructures to guarantee business outcomes. Ray is an industry thought leader in IT transformation and is a frequent speaker on topics such as hybrid networking, SDN, NFV, cloud connectivity and advanced security. Prior to joining Masergy, Ray worked at Airband Communications and Broadwing Communications. He holds a B.S. from Purdue University.

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