Automation supercharges the Masergy client experience

Avatar for Terry TrainaBy Terry Traina|Dec 10, 2019|7:30 am CST

Masergy is supercharging the sales and installation experience for clients by investing in a process automation engine. With high-speed systems and unified processes for sales, finance, and operations, our clients are recognizing faster SD-WAN price quotes, speedier UCaaS and CCaaS order orchestration, and smoother migration processes that make for accelerated time-to-service. Once fully implemented, the improvements are expected to deliver:

  • 25% faster service installation
  • 20-30% smoother migration experience
  • 10% more accurate price quotes

Software-defined networks are known for lightning-fast provisioning, and customers expect that same reaction time from their services providers. For the past 12 months, Masergy executives have been taking a long hard look at our key customer touch points in search of ways to accelerate responsiveness. Through the exercise, we learned that we needed to make investments when it came to network connectivity pricing processes and creating a frictionless procedure for migrating to Masergy’s service.

Automated pricing: Know your SD-WAN and public connectivity savings faster

The new automation engine helps clients quickly get the information they need to estimate the cost savings of public internet connectivity. Many of our SD-WAN and broadband price quotes are fully automated, which is a breath of fresh air for clients working to speed up the RFP process. Here’s how the system solves problems to elevate the customer experience.

One of the benefits of SD-WAN is that it gives enterprises the freedom to connect their branch locations using services from public internet service providers (ISPs) in each branch area. But tracking down pricing can become a pain point. If enterprise clients have a large footprint of branch offices to connect across the globe, that can mean reaching out to a long list of individual ISPs for price quotes. In the SD-WAN industry, it’s not uncommon for clients to receive initial cost estimates based on information from early responders and then wait for updated pricing as more quotes trickled in. Frustration no more! Masergy’s latest investments are taking the pain out of pricing.

Automated migration: Accelerate time-to-service

Process automation is also delighting customers with customized solutions and a partnership that always stays in sync. When it comes to purchasing SD-WAN and IT services, keeping providers and clients aligned can be tricky because solution designs are typically fluid sketches that transform over the course of the engagement. Tracking all of those “move-add-change-deletes” is critical. Ultimately, success hinges on real-time collaboration across multiple departments on both sides and keeping technology systems coordinated as well.

Masergy has addressed these needs by unifying back-office technologies into a single automation platform that keeps sales, finance, and operations teams and their workflows connected with the latest customer requirements and tasks. The engine simplifies implementation, benefiting clients with:

  • Personalized journeys that guide clients through the next steps for purchase and install
  • Centralized data models to keep teams aligned around key information, changes, and timelines
  • Faster installation for rapid time-to-service on a global, enterprise-scale

Unique SD-WAN configurations and extremely customized service bundles are the norms today, and Masergy’s investments make molding to each client’s need a smoother process from start to finish. Given SD-WAN’s mix-and-match connectivity options and multiple menus of cloud services, SaaS applications, and supporting IT services, the automation engine needed to be as modular and responsive as the solutions themselves. We specifically designed the system around the plethora of design options clients receive when they purchase Masergy’s fully managed SD-WAN service.

Masergy rolled out the engine in October with beta testing, and implementation will continue through the early months of 2020. Clients are already more satisfied, and our employees are happier too. By keeping complexity at bay, our customer-first approach to service is truly supercharged.

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