Back9Network Moves Into New HQ, Implements Masergy UC and MPLS Solution

Back9Network Moves Into New HQ, Implements Masergy UC and MPLS Solution

Back9Network, a burgeoning golf lifestyle network, moved into its new 13,000 square-foot facility located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut in the Phoenix building at One American Row. Faced with all the complexities related launching a start-up broadcast network and the construction of a new corporate headquarters (HQ), Reid Gorman, Back9Network’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder said, “It was nice to offload telecom to a trusted resource. We met with Darren (DeMartino) from Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) and let his team go to work. We knew the project was in good hands.”

ATC worked with the Back9Network leadership team to understand their current state and desired future state for telephony and Unified Communications (UC).  The communication experts at ATC evaluated a variety of hosted VoIP providers and  determined that the best choice was Masergy’s UC as a Service (UCaaS) solution.

Masergy UCaaS and MPLS

Masergy and ATC implemented a 100-seat fully-hosted UC solution for Back9Network’s new offices and digital production areas. Masergy delivers UCaaS services from servers housed in secure, geographically-redundant data centers. In the unlikely event that one data center is unavailable, communications traffic is automatically routed to other data centers, ensuring business continuity and back up. Unlike premise-based solutions, Masergy’s hosted UCaaS requires no hardware to provision, no software to buy, install or configure, and no elaborate training for in-house staff. Back9Network also uses Masergy Communicator, a cross-platform software application, to enable their employees to take voice calls from clients, securely instant message co-workers and engage in video chats even when they are out of the office using a smartphone or tablet.

Masergy’s UCaaS solution ideally suits Back9Network’s business needs for agility and mobility in a time of explosive growth. “The system is easy to manage. And, as we add personnel and locations, it’s very easy to expand,” said Gorman.

Back9Network also implemented Masergy’s fully-managed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network with a 3MB data circuit. MPLS is a standards-based technology ideal for guaranteed network traffic flow. In addition to moving traffic faster, MPLS makes it easy to implement quality of service (QoS). MPLS is becoming more readily adopted as networks begin to carry more and different mixtures of traffic.

As Back9Network continues to grow, the company will soon open a brand new TV production studio in downtown Hartford’s Constitution Plaza, adjacent to the corporate HQ.

Back9Network is considering expanding its connections between the two buildings that house the studio and the corporate HQ, in addition to a point-to-point data solution for their broadcast facilities and the corporate HQ. ATC and Masergy will be there to support Back9Network’s growth and ensure seamless high-performance communications.

More On Back9Network

Back9Network’s corporate headquarters and TV/video production studio are a central part of the rebirth of downtown Hartford. Back9Network joins ESPN, NBC Sports and YES Network in Connecticut, which is quickly becoming the “sports media capital of the world.”

Back9Network was developed as a complementary alternative to traditional media’s focus on professional golf tournament coverage. Its focus is on compelling storytelling, interesting personalities and characters, features and fashions, interviews and instruction, travel, gear and more.

The network’s leadership team is headed by James Bosworth, Founder and CEO. Bosworth was one of six witnesses recently asked to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

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