Business Transformation Demands Software Defined Networks

Business Transformation Demands Software Defined Networks

Many enterprises are still learning how Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) can bring about business transformation as well as IT efficiencies.

SDN is an emerging architecture enabling enterprises to modernize their global networks with dynamic bandwidth allocation, improved performance for critical applications and greater flexibility to support needed business changes. NFV is the ability to quickly deploy new network capabilities via the cloud or software implementations.

Business and Technology Challenge

A recent enterprise survey conducted by market researcher Ovum identified 5 key business and technology areas that these technologies address. The top business challenges are:
  • Faster time to market with new business services
  • Ability to deploy new applications at the speed of business
  • Overall improvement in workforce productivity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Support for business expansion
The top IT challenges are:
  • Network scalability
  • Network programmability
  • Reduced complexity
  • Cloud service integration
  • Reduction in capital and operating expenses

Adoption Underway

Over half of those surveyed indicated their IT departments are starting to work on SDN strategy and technology evaluations or are in the early planning and analysis phase. Here’s how the results break down at those enterprises that were surveyed:
  • 27% in early planning and analysis
  • 26% in strategy and technology evaluation
  • 17% haven’t started
  • 16% in production deployments
  • 11% in lab evaluations and trials
  • 3% in final vendor selection
Learn more about these and other findings in the Ovum Software-Defined WAN webinar, available on demand. The webinar features insights from HOP Energy Director of Network Operations Kristopher Masilamani and Masergy VP of Global Technology Ray Watson.

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Mike Sapien is a Global Enterprise Analyst at Ovum market research and advisory firm. His areas of focus are data networking, managed services and global communications service providers. He consults with enterprises and solution providers.