Casting off the Specter of Networks Past with Software Defined Networks

Casting off the Specter of Networks Past with Software Defined Networks

As we bid the old year goodbye and await the new, let’s look at the trends and strategies that will enable technology-driven business transformation.

1. The Specter of Hardware Past

In 2016, the trend toward modernizing the IP infrastructure will continue to be strong; routing functions will be liberated from their hardware chains like Scrooge was freed from his eternity of shackled misery. The wide area network (WAN) is the first place to bear witness to this transformation. This specter foretells a future where IT administrators favor software programmability and commodity servers over proprietary, costly and rigid network appliances.

2. The Spirit of ROI

2016 will usher in a great feast of realized cost savings. A joyful cry of present network administrators will be heard, as physical layer limitations are expunged. NFV will make networks more agile, which will pay dividends by reducing operational costs and the complexity. Spirits will be lifted as the apparitions of more APIs appear to support the efficient orchestration, virtualization and automation of network services.

3. The Shadow of Network Breaches to Come

An icy chill will continue to be cast upon the network by hackers cloaked in black; as the introduction of new technologies such a Network Function Virtualization and the Internet of Things (IoT)  could introduce potential vulnerabilities. Administrators, developers and architects need to enable a secured platform that ensures that basic software components aren't compromised. In 2016, network administrators will gain a new understanding of how to take advantage of managed security services, advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to better protect their organizations and wipe clean the epitaph of advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Masergy wishes all of our customer and partners a prosperous and innovative New Year!

About Mike Stute

Chief Scientist, Masergy
Mike Stute is Chief Scientist at Masergy Communications and is the chief architect of the Unified Enterprise Security network behavioral analysis system. As a data scientist, he is responsible for the research and development of deep analysis methods using machine learning, probability engines, and complex system analysis in big data environments. Mike has over 22 years experience in information systems security and has developed analysis systems in fields such as power generation, educational institutions, biotechnology, and electronic communication networks.