Cisco Webex + Masergy SD-WAN: The collaboration combo businesses need in 2021

Avatar for Shawn CookeBy Shawn Cooke|Feb 23, 2021|7:30 am CST

The new reality of work — not just working from home but working from anywhere — has made secure, high-quality remote collaboration the ultimate consideration for 2021. Studies estimate that 25% of people will be working from home this year in the U.S. alone, almost twice as many from pre-pandemic levels. This is obviously exciting, but as more employees use bandwidth-intensive cloud collaboration apps like voice and video conferencing, there needs to be a proactive approach to ensure the network can support these bandwidth-hungry applications, keeping productivity and user satisfaction high. The future of business depends on it.

Enter Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex.

Masergy recently released a new solution that combines Masergy’s hosted UC calling platform with the advanced capabilities of Cisco Webex. Plus, it allows clients to bundle SD-WAN for global network services that deliver unparalleled reliability for your Webex experience. The solution gives enterprises the high performance of Masergy’s globally available hosted voice services along with Webex, all wrapped together in one complete and secure solution. When IT leaders are increasing spending in response to COVID-19, with 82% planning to direct that spending toward video collaboration solutions and 75% directing it to connectivity including wide area network services, Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex fires on all cylinders. It’s an integrated, wide-reaching solution that encompasses collaboration technologies, global network services, and security services too.

Why UCaaS with SD-WAN services

UCaaS solutions integrated with network services help companies meet the needs of a highly distributed and increasingly mobile workforce by providing uninterrupted voice and video conferencing with unparalleled network security, reliability, and global availability. Here’s what this means for organizations as they increasingly embrace the new norm:

Keep things simple with an integrated service. Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex brings together two powerhouse players to provide one perfectly woven collaboration solution. Create a standard of perfect communication user experience across the world, regardless of where people are working or what devices they’re using. Learn more about Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex.

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