• Masergy Named Niche Player to 2017 Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant

    It’s no secret that being named to the Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant is an accomplishment. Each year, Gartner evaluates players in the UCaaS space. This year, Masergy is excited to announce that we’ve been assessed on the completeness of and ability to execute our cloud communications vision, and have been named a Niche Player in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide (UCaaS MQ).

  • 3 Ways UCaaS Can Help Organizations Weather Hurricane Harvey

    By now, everyone has heard of Hurricane Harvey, the tropical storm that has inundated parts of the Houston, Texas area with more than 40-50 inches of rain, flooding a quarter of the land mass that makes up Harris County. In this post, we explore how UCaaS solutions can help organizations minimize lost business.

  • Digital Transformation and the Cloud: 5 Reasons CIOs Need to Get With the Program

    The importance of aligning tech and the business may sound like a no-brainer. In fact, the CIO position — created back in the 1980s — was supposed to do just that. Yet for decades, business leaders have complained that IT was either pursuing technology for technology's sake or merely keeping the lights on. The promise of aligning IT with the business remained unfulfilled. Now, true digital transformation is underway at a wide range of organizations and industries.

  • Masergy Delivers Customer Satisfaction By Design

    Masergy just earned a Net Promoter Score of 74 — 6x higher than the average score for all telecom companies and 3x higher than that for the B2B technology industry overall.

  • Bringing ‘Plug and Play’ to Workflow Automation

    Companies are often limited in their efforts to achieve business insights and optimal outcomes due to a lack of business process integration. Organizations try to master the challenge with APIs that help connect the dots across communications, CRM,...

  • Contact Center Analytics Boost Business Performance

    Many organizations are starting to realize that their aging, on-premises call centers are adversely impacting their business. These systems are complex and costly to maintain. The inability of legacy call centers to provide users with easy access to...

  • With Cloud Communications, the Sky’s the Limit

    Unified communications are moving to the cloud — and fast. Driving this rapid growth is a long list of powerful benefits such as the move from a capital expense to a subscription model, and lower TCO through the integration of voice and data...

  • Avoid These 3 Risks With Cloud Communications

    Moving business communications to the cloud can deliver substantial value, mitigating three major risk factors that nearly all organizations face. Here’s how unified communications lowers risk.

  • A 3-Step Approach Guarantees a Successful UCaaS Implementation

    A vast number of organizations are migrating from legacy PBXs to cloud communications systems. This best practices model uses a three-stage approach to ensure optimum outcomes.

  • The CIO’s Unified Communications Checklist

    Like many enterprise systems, unified communications is moving from expensive and rigid on-premise deployments to hybrid and pure cloud solutions. Enterprises that adopt cloud communications gain the cost advantages of an OPEX versus CAPEX model.