Contact Center Analytics Boost Business Performance

Posted on July 16, 2019

Many organizations are starting to realize that their aging, on-premises call centers are adversely impacting their business. These systems are complex and costly to maintain.

The inability of legacy call centers to provide users with easy access to all relevant customer data in an integrated fashion is taking a toll on customer retention and profits. The answer?


Modern cloud contact centers give companies the data needed to understand business performance and make informed decisions.

Close to three-quarters of respondents in the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report said that analytics enable better agent performance and close to 70% say they drive improved customer experience.

Next-generation solutions, like Masergy’s Cloud Contact Center, provide a variety of analytics to drive customer satisfaction and business optimization:

  • Analytic-driven Routing
  • Dynamically predicts customer needs and matches customers with agents having the best performance record to meet their needs
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Assess customer and agent behaviors that result in the optimum business outcomes
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Models what-if scenarios to predict business impact from changes in customer prioritizations, routing and agent skill

The analyzer engine behind these capabilities combine streams of data from the automated call distribution and call routing engine, as well as from CRM and other business applications. This results in real-time operational insights that help companies improve their performance.

Companies can profile clients according to business segments and deliver reports via interactive graphics. This data can then be fed back into the routing engine to make the system more intelligent with each new customer interaction.

These capabilities are vital given how important it is for companies to improve customer experience. More than 70% of organizations say their contact center cannot be viewed as a success unless it increases customer satisfaction, according to the CCW Winter Executive Report: The Future of the Contact Center.

Aligning corporate goals with customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator that a growing number of companies are now focusing on.

Learn more Masergy’s cloud contact center solutions.

Jody Gilliam

With 20 years of experience developing marketing strategies for technology companies, Jody crafts communications to support Masergy’s marketing initiatives. Her background in journalism serves her well, as she works closely with industry analysts and Masergy’s top leaders to publish engaging content. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and communications from Southwestern University and her master’s degree in digital marketing from the University of Denver.

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