COVID-19 will push SD-WAN adoption even higher: How Masergy will lead the market shift

Published on May 12th, 2020

This week marks an important new chapter for Masergy, as I am deeply honored and excited to reassume the leadership mantle for our company. I am permanently returning to my previous position as Chairman & CEO. This role is a familiar and comforting place for me. I have come full circle again, and I am delighted to stay on in this capacity. In fact, I have missed it. Here’s why this permanent change is good, and how Masergy will use this unique moment in time to lead the SD-WAN shift.

Stage is set for SD-WAN, cloud communications, security

With more than 12 years of experience leading Masergy in various roles including CEO, CTO, and COO (and during turbulent times I might add), our employees, clients, and partners should feel confident that our company has the leadership it needs at the present time. But more importantly, this unprecedented moment in history is also an incredible opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic (and the business needs it provokes) opens more doors for Masergy and its partners. The journey to the cloud is accelerating for all businesses regardless of size due to the pandemic. Here’s how I see Masergy’s opportunity:

For many IT leaders, COVID-19 means accelerating their investments in IT communications infrastructure like SD-WAN, which can help prioritize traffic and continuously monitor links for packet loss and delays, thus enabling superior performance for voice and video conferencing. Frost & Sullivan just released a new white paper on why COVID-19 highlights the business case for extending SD-WAN to remote workers. It explains how SD-WAN and the cloud enables IT leaders to put applications closer to the user, resulting in improved application availability and performance.

SD-WAN is a key strategy right now. We’re hearing that other analysts are starting to revise their predictions and recalculate their SD-WAN growth projections in response to COVID-19. That’s what excites me–the moment of critical mass will likely be bigger and faster than anyone had originally anticipated, and this environment plays directly to Masergy’s strengths as a 20-year pioneer in software-defined networking.

Big moment for SD-WAN and giant window of opportunity for Masergy

Now is an important time for SD-WAN, and an even bigger moment for network service companies. Better yet, the time is just now getting ripe.

The pandemic is driving the need for SD-WAN–and in particular–the SD-WAN platforms that come with embedded unified communications, direct cloud connections, and comprehensive security services for a total package that enables a “secure virtual workforce in a box.” This is our specialty. Masergy gives IT leaders that box of bundled applications. Plus, we help them procure the services, install them, manage the network and application performance, monitor the security, and respond to cybersecurity threats 24/7. Pair that with unrivaled customer experience and virtual network assistants (AIOps) and it’s a differentiated offering that just got very sticky for our channel partners. With an aim for autonomous networking, we’re solving today’s business challenges while driving the future.

Evidence of the technology and services rush

At Masergy, we’re seeing evidence of pandemic rush and this is just the beginning:

Masergy SSL VPN connections

Helping global enterprises modernize their IT infrastructure, communications, and security is what we do, and we do so in a way that gives them the ability to move and change in these unpredictable times. Our next evolution of SD-WAN offerings will take that flexibility to new heights.

So, yes these are challenging times but they are also a time for excitement. Never has the stage been more set for Masergy. Now it’s just a matter of taking all this change and uncertainty and turning it into tangible wins. We will continue to play a significant role in the work-from-home IT strategies and also in the journey to the cloud for our clients. We will build on our legacy of innovation, performance, and service. Our destiny is to be known as the most highly regarded global managed SD-WAN and cloud platform serving global enterprises. Now is the time for us to come together again and make our destiny a reality.

Thank you to James Parker, our former CEO, for the passion, rigor, and analytic mindset he brought to Masergy. We are all very thankful for his leadership and commitment to our company over the past 18 months. I’m thrilled to be back as CEO. I have greatly missed working deeply across all the pillars of our business. It has always been, and remains, a great honor and privilege to be part of this amazing company, and to work with such a special team.

Chris MacFarland

Chris MacFarland joined Masergy in 2008 and was quickly promoted to CEO. Prior to joining Masergy, Chris served in executive positions at BroadSoft, McLeodUSA, Allegiance Telecom, Verio, OnRamp, CompuNet and Compu-Tek International. He currently serves on the board of directors for iTopia. Chris is passionate about community service and has championed numerous charitable and outreach programs. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he majored in Computer Science and Engineering.

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