Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry: The Threat Landscape for 2019 and Beyond

Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry: The Threat Landscape for 2019 and Beyond

What does the legal industry threat landscape look like for 2019, and how will law firms and law departments take the lead in winning at cybersecurity? As Masergy’s V.P. of Security, I will answer those questions and more at the ILTACON 2018 event, August 22, in Washington DC.

When it comes to cybersecurity in the legal industry, law firms have a target on their backs, and one battle leads to another. Legal organizations continue to struggle in the rapidly evolving fight against security threats, and the act of handling security tasks also becomes a battle in and of itself. According to ILTA’s 2017 Technology Survey, the three biggest law firm security challenges are:

  • Balancing Security with Usability
  • User Acceptance and Behavior
  • User Education and Awareness

Intensifying security protections while empowering the always-on, always-accessible law firm starts with understanding threat actors and how the latest advances in machine learning and managed detection and response services can multiply defenses for the average firm. Legal organizations are increasingly turning to outside partners to help with security responsibilities, particularly because alert monitoring and follow up requires expertise, certifications, and talents that are in high demand and often out of reach for legal IT budgets.

The ILTA technology survey puts evidence around the legal industry’s shift toward services:

“While only 28% of our firms are currently using a managed service provider, look for that number to go up as firms work around the limited employee resources they have for security. A lot of firms have moved from using in-house programs to commercial products: home-grown programs dropped from 86% in 2014 to 44% in 2017.”

Expanding security efforts with machine learning and service providers that help law firms not just monitor threats but also respond to them are just some of the topics Masergy will address during the ILTACON breakout session, "The Legal Cybersecurity Threat Landscape for 2019 and Beyond.” I invite you to join the conversation as we explore:

  • The key data security and privacy challenges facing the legal sector
  • How advanced machine learning can be a reliable solution for the sector
  • The importance of managed detection and response to help law firms navigate the threat landscape

With the rapid pace of security threats and technological innovation, the paper- and labor-intensive legal industry still stands to gain tremendous competitive ground in both security and business management. The pressure to power the secure and modern law firm falls to IT, and Masergy has proven success in setting the law firm of the future in motion with:

Don’t miss the event, and stop by our booth to hear how a top 45 U.K. law firm invested in managed security services to stay more focused on the practice, easing compliance burdens and achieving productivity gains of 144 hours each quarter. Read the full Weightmans case study.

I look forward to seeing you at ILTACON!

About Craig D' Abreo

VP, Security Operations, Masergy
Craig oversees the Managed Security, Threat Intelligence and Security Professional Services departments at Masergy. He is responsible for Masergy’s proactive enterprise cybersecurity threat management and operations program. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Security. He is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) with over a decade of experience in the security industry and holds various network security certifications. He has written on various security blogs, spoken on a range of industry panels and is a recognized thought leader in the cybersecurity space.