Don’t Let Your Network Catch Spring Fever Too!

Don’t Let Your Network Catch Spring Fever Too!

During the height of this spring sports season, there are probably a lot of web browsers and mobile devices pointed to, and other video streaming sites where people can see how their favorite basketball and hockey teams are faring, or how their favorite baseball team is starting their 2012 campaign. It’s also an indication that productivity is not at its highest.

However, the effects of bandwidth-intensive websites are not unique to spring time. Internet traffic from non-business related sites and apps in any form or fashion can negatively impact an enterprise’s productivity year-round. This is illustrated in a recent Business Insider article about Proctor Gamble banning the use of Netflix and Pandora during working hours because of abuse.

That being said, the Internet remains a critical business tool, so enterprises must allow their users access to the Internet. At the same time, management should be aware that internal abuse and service-affecting attacks from malicious code are possible, jeopardizing security and compromising their network.

To solve that problem, an enterprise can deploy and manage premise-based firewalls to thwart the issue. However, this is not always the best approach, and can create a significant cost and resource drain for IT departments, causing them to shift focus away from more strategic initiatives.

As part of our goal to help solve our customer’s problems and grant them additional visibility and control into their network, Masergy offers a suite of network-based Internet security and application control systems called Intelligent Internet Management (IIM) that will help our customers fine tune the content their users can access, while also protecting their network assets from external threats.

The solution includes:
  • Application Control – Allows, blocks or limits bandwidth at a granular level for individual applications such as YouTube, Facebook and other social sites
  • Web Security – Proactively blocks access to sites known to host malware and other threats
  • Network-Based Firewall – Uses security appliances embedded in the network, eliminating the need for an investment in on-premise hardware and software.

At Masergy, we continue to adapt by offering our customers new and meaningful services, and we are confident our clients will find IIM a valuable tool for network protection. Moving forward, we will continually add new IIM features to deliver enhanced network security and control that will match the ever-evolving threats and business challenges that face our clients and their networks.

Leveraging our IIM product will give IT teams the peace-of-mind to focus on more strategic goals. Companies can enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise-class security platform while Masergy hosts and manages the equipment in our data centers, ensuring database subscriptions and maintenance contracts are up-to–date while monitoring security devices to maximize uptime.

If you would like more information about this new product offering, please contact us by phone at +1-866-MASERGY (627-3749) or by e-mail at

About Trevor Parks

Director, Security Solutions, Masergy
Trevor Parks is the director for security solutions at Masergy. He is responsible for guiding the development, evolution and implementation of Masergy's Unified Enterprise Security services platform. Trevor contributed to the development of the patented Network Behavioral Analysis technology at the core of the Masergy’s security solutions aimed at detecting APTs and other advanced threats effecting customer networks.