Five Security Questions CEOs Want Answered

Five Security Questions CEOs Want Answered

Cybercrime is growing at an unprecedented rate and information security has become a critical business issue that impacts revenue, risk, productivity and reputation.

There have been so many high profile breaches of U.S. retailers, financial service companies, governments and others, that the issue of cyber security has become a board-level issue at most organizations.

Executives need to understand how IT budgets are being spent to defend companies’ digital assets and reduce risk. Maintaining an effective security posture for today’s evolving threat landscape is key to minimizing the risks of cybercrime.

Business leaders must assume their companies will experience a breach and develop the appropriate risk management strategy, including breach prevention, early detection, remediation and Cyber Security Insurance.

Top Five Security Questions

CIOs and CISOs are being asked by executive management to answer these key questions:
  1. Are we safe?
  2. What else can be done to improve security and mitigate risks?
  3. How much risk are we accepting with our current security posture?
  4. What are the consequences of a major breach?
  5. How should we prioritize future security investments?

Quantifying Cyber Risk

Masergy’s Cyber Security Risk Calculator enables IT security professionals to quantify a company’s expected cyber loss based on its current security capabilities and investments.

The calculator can help security professionals:
  • Align spending with an organization’s information security strategy
  • Correlate security investments to business risk and operational requirements
  • Standardize security investment measurements
  • Demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of security investments

The calculator can be used to measure the impact of incremental security investments and calculate the return on such investments. It can also be used in scenario planning by changing the inputs and seeing how different variables will impact a company’s security posture.

Masergy’s Cyber Security Risk Calculator is available now.

To learn more about strategies for reducing your cyber risk, contact a Masergy security expert for a free consultation.

About Craig D' Abreo

VP, Security Operations, Masergy
Craig oversees the Managed Security, Threat Intelligence and Security Professional Services departments at Masergy. He is responsible for Masergy’s proactive enterprise cybersecurity threat management and operations program. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Security. He is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) with over a decade of experience in the security industry and holds various network security certifications. He has written on various security blogs, spoken on a range of industry panels and is a recognized thought leader in the cybersecurity space.