Five-Time Stevie® Award Winner: How Masergy Leads in Customer Service Success

Five-Time Stevie® Award Winner: How Masergy Leads in Customer Service Success

When it comes to Stevie® Awards for sales and customer service, Masergy stands a winner five times over. We recently announced our fifth consecutive Stevie Award, and it’s clear that we’re dominating the industry as a leader in customer experience.

How did we earn the silver Stevie Award for customer service success in the technology industry? Let’s recount the ways.

Agile Technologies: Customer Responsiveness

Masergy’s superior service starts with a granular understanding of the customer’s application environment and desired business outcomes. Our entire portfolio of solutions (including SD-WAN, Global UCaaS, Cloud Contact Center, and Managed Security) is built on software defined principles, so every service is easy to customize, deploy, and manage. This allows Masergy to be extremely responsive in delivering solutions that are both initially optimized to achieve the desired outcomes and continually adjustable. Without this underlying technology, not only would mass customization be unachievable, but the post-deployment customer experience wouldn’t satisfy rapidly evolving enterprises. Given the accelerating rate of change in information technology, managed solutions must be flexible and adaptable. These attributes are fundamental in supporting digital transformation and in sustaining our quality of service.

70+ Net Promoter Score: A New IT Lifestyle for Customers

When evaluating our customer service experience, Masergy consistently turns to the gold standard measuring stick--the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In 2018, our NPS was 71. That’s a sharp contrast to the technology industry average, which is just 21. Companies that consistently rank above 50 are considered excellent, and anything that eclipses that threshold is exceptional. Think of brands like Apple and Amazon. These companies don’t just redefine the broader product and service experience, they create a whole new lifestyle for their customers.

We like to think a partnership with Masergy has the same impact, energizing the IT team with a fresh mentality that draws from the confidence of technical prowess and the excitement of innovation readiness. With Masergy’s software-defined platform, enterprises achieve competitive IT agility. Here’s what some of our customers say about the Masergy experience:

"With Masergy, we received a team of executives who were right there with us building and executing a [digital] transformation program. . . . And with a great management portal, we’re able to control the network and manage it for years to come."

- Joe Whitney, VP IT Global Infrastructure, Weber-Stephen Products

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“We were looking for a network without borders and we found exactly that with Masergy. . . . They are very collaborative as a company. They are very innovative through that collaboration, but mostly they are very open. What we need in today’s business environment--especially technology--is an open supplier that really helps us develop a true partnership. They truly are a partner of ours.”

- John Comacchio, Senior Vice President and CIO, Teknion

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A Culture of Continuous Improvement: Driving the Next Evolution in Service

Most importantly, we keep challenging ourselves to make the customer experience better. Even with our NPS achievements, we’re still pushing for more service enhancements. For instance, a dedicated project management office now serves as a central organization responsible for all implementation projects. This facilitates a “Team for Life” concept with multifunctional pods supporting each customer. A single point of accountability at the management level ensures project success and improved satisfaction.

Masergy recognizes that network connectivity, cybersecurity, and corporate communications are non-negotiable for our customers, so our business processes and our corporate culture are designed around that expectation. We take the attitude that customer experience improvement is a never-ending journey. Ultimately, we’ll never stop striving for better, and that’s the sign of a deserving Stevie Award winner.

When you’re ready to explore the most agile technologies coupled with the best customer experience in the industry, rely on Masergy.

About John Dumbleton

SVP, Business Development, Masergy
John Dumbleton has over 20 years experience in networking and IT solutions and has served as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Masergy since May 2008. He is responsible for strategic business development and oversees the marketing and demand generation efforts at Masergy. His experience ranges from strategic sales, channel development, and product development to business strategy and strategic acquisitions. John holds an MBA and bachelors of science in industrial engineering and operations research from Virginia Tech.