Four-Time Stevie® Winner: How Masergy Delivers Industry-Leading Customer Experiences

Four-Time Stevie® Winner: How Masergy Delivers Industry-Leading Customer Experiences

How does Masergy consistently deliver award-winning customer experiences? Masergy recently earned its fourth consecutive Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service, which marks us a mainstay in service delivery excellence. When people ask how we got here, my answer goes back to the three core elements of our unique value proposition: Innovative Software Defined Platform, Customizable Hybrid Solutions, and Superior Customer Experiences. When these three essentials unite, Masergy performs far beyond expectations which has also translated to industry-leading Net Promoter Scores. Here’s our approach.

Innovative, Software Defined Platform

Masergy operates the largest independent global software defined network and services platform in the world. A single network fabric empowers our customers to:

While our services are fully managed, the platform also puts customers in the driver’s seat with an embedded layer of intelligent analytics and control features that deliver real-time visibility, self-service provisioning, and network function virtualization capabilities.

Customizable Hybrid Solutions

Masergy’s approach to customization catches some by surprise. Many say to me, “You must have a massive team of really great people on site to perform all that customization work and take care of your clients.” No, that’s not it. Of course, we have a team of great network engineers, but our customization power comes from our platform. It’s not the people--it’s the platform. Our network is so modular and extensible that customization is easy. That’s what we mean when we say our solutions are “customizable by design.” Removing the complexity of customization while retaining complete adaptability paves the way for great service. The ability to customize at scale lets our talented staff stay focused on you, on your data security, and on optimizing your desired outcomes.

Superior Customer Experiences

Customer-centric practices push our service advantages even higher. Take for instance Masergy’s 24×7 security monitoring and network support. Most of our competitors’ support centers trigger frustration with endless IVRs and layers of trouble ticket handlers. Masergy customers get to speak directly with Tier-1 support engineers from the first call. And let’s not forget how operational excellence contributes to the customer experience. Masergy’s globally available network is backed by industry-leading global SLAs with proactive customer notifications of less than 5 minutes, supported by industry-unique cloud connectivity SLAs delivering 99.99% service availability.

So, that’s how Masergy achieves a Net Promoter Score of 74 that eclipses our industry peers and earns awards again and again. Thank you Stevie judges for acknowledging these accomplishments and for your public recognition. Masergy is honored to be a four-time award recipient.

About John Dumbleton

SVP, Business Development, Masergy
John Dumbleton has over 20 years experience in networking and IT solutions and has served as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Masergy since May 2008. He is responsible for strategic business development and oversees the marketing and demand generation efforts at Masergy. His experience ranges from strategic sales, channel development, and product development to business strategy and strategic acquisitions. John holds an MBA and bachelors of science in industrial engineering and operations research from Virginia Tech.