Game strategy: Improve your handicap with SASE

Video series: How SD-WAN is like golf

Posted on January 9, 2020

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Technology is transforming golf. And you can see how that’s playing out in new generations of clubs, balls, even shoes. It’s kind of like the way new approaches like SASE “Secure Access Service Edge” are transforming SD-WAN. To look at that more closely, here are SD-WAN experts and avid golfers, analyst Zeus Kerravala and Masergy’s Chris Werpy in another installment of “How SD-WAN is Like Golf.”

When playing golf, a lot of strategy is involved: 

The variables and information that real golfers use to make decisions should be considered together and the tools they use to collect that information and respond to it are evolving rapidly. I just grab and swing as hard as I can and hope for the best. But most golfers are seeing this technological shift in the tool set that’s available and they’re trying to figure how to respond to the new–the new driver heads, shaft types, etc. 

In networking it’s the same trend. Recently, there is a new term called SASE.

SASE (pronounced sassy) is a funny term because it’s nothing new, per se. We’ve had all the technologies to make it work–it’s just a matter of bringing them together. One thing SASE does is raise the awareness that network and security must come together. I think the model of “lets deploy our network and then throw this entirely different overlay network on top of it for security sake” doesn’t scale. It is very, very difficult to make that work. 

What SASE does–whether you like the term and analyst jargon or not–is put a nice wrapper around cloud delivery, network, and security. SASE helps buyers understand that they need to consider cloud delivery, network, and security all at the same time.

We’ve taken a look at this in the IT world. As we go in we look at this type of network design work, we even coined it as step zero. It’s not before or after. It just has to be there. When you start talking about the network design, if security is not innate to the conversation, you’re already behind the curve as you try to get to the later stages of this design work.

Security and cloud delivery needs to be just an embedded part of the overall process of SD-WAN design.

SASE and other new approaches are par for the course with modern networking.

Watch all the videos in this series

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Chris Werpy

Chris Werpy is senior vice president of solutions and services and has been with Masergy since 2007. He leads multiple teams and is responsible for the Solutions Engineering, Client Services and Emerging Markets organizations. He brings more than 15 years of networking and communications experience with a proven track record in technical and strategic roles in operations, sales and business development. Prior to joining Masergy, Chris held various leadership positions at ICG Communications, LineSider Technologies and Pac-West Telecom. He has published numerous industry articles, spoken on various panels and is a recognized thought leader in the communications and security industries.

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