Help for Legal Firms: Outsourcing IT to Focus on Clients

August 13th, 2019

According to ILTA’s 2018 Technology Survey, 69% of legal firms predict their spending on the cloud will increase. With the move to the cloud, every law firm today needs to understand IT as well as it has mastered the legal landscape. Much like evolving privacy laws and government regulations, IT is undergoing massive transformations in cybersecurity, networking, and digital communications. Driven by the proliferation of cloud applications, the pursuit of artificial intelligence (AI), and the demand for mobile workforce collaboration, these shifts are serving up new opportunities for legal firms to reach heightened levels of business agility and efficiency:

Making Smart IT Investments: A Managed Network Platform for Digital Transformation

But with the swift pace of technology advancements today, it’s critical that legal firms anticipate the future, investing in technologies and solutions without boundaries. In 2019, law firms can’t afford the costly and time-consuming cycle of replacing and updating their network. They can’t overburden their internal resources as they build a next-generation law firm powered by AI and the cloud. Most importantly, they can’t leave security as an afterthought. Legal organizations continue to be targets for hackers, and monitoring the volume of activity logs or security alerts is an increasingly impossible feat. For most law firms, the DIY approach for IT is no longer an option.

Given these challenges, how do you establish an IT foundation capable of digital transformation at your firm? How can you usher in the future while addressing the ever-expanding scope of security threats in a multi-cloud environment? These are the questions I will help legal firms address at ILTACON 2019, the premier education and networking event for the legal sector.

Join me Thursday, August 22 at 9 AM, as I lead the discussion, How to Future-Proof and Secure Your Law Firm’s IT Infrastructure. First, I’ll step you through history, explaining why video and team collaboration tools changed everything. Then, we’ll explore how legacy IT infrastructures created overly complex architectures and the strategies law firms are using to simplify operations, increasing the visibility and viability of their networks. You’ll learn why software-defined networking is pushing IT leaders to rethink what’s possible and how it lays the groundwork for AI and emerging technologies. Plus, you’ll get best practices for migrating your firm to a secure, software-defined IT infrastructure.

Today, IT agility is competitive agility, and firms that put their networks, security, and communications on the cutting edge are accelerating the speed of legal operations. We’re looking forward to seeing you at ILTACON!

Ray Watson

Ray Watson is VP of Innovation at Masergy. He brings over 17 years of expertise in IT strategy, application solution design and next-generation network architectures. Ray has enabled numerous global enterprises in transforming their IT infrastructures to guarantee business outcomes. Ray is an industry thought leader in IT transformation and is a frequent speaker on topics such as hybrid networking, SDN, NFV, cloud connectivity and advanced security. Prior to joining Masergy, Ray worked at Airband Communications and Broadwing Communications. He holds a B.S. from Purdue University.

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