How Masergy Earned a Mention in Gartner’s Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

How Masergy Earned a Mention in Gartner’s Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

Helping security professionals evaluate whether managed detection and response services are the right choice for their enterprise is the goal of a new Market Guide from Gartner that features Masergy’s Unified Enterprise Security solution. Masergy executives and I are thrilled to be included in the report. In my opinion, the coverage demonstrates that Masergy sits among other highly respected players. So, what is managed detection and response (MDR), and why did Masergy earn such a mention?

What is Managed Detection and Response?

As the Gartner guide explains, "managed detection and response services allow organizations to add 24/7 dedicated threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities via a turnkey approach."

Traditional threat monitoring and detection services focus primarily on producing distilled reports, helping IT leaders prioritize the list of security alerts requiring follow-up. But, response solutions go one step further--to actually act on that information and perform the follow-up tasks. Hence the term managed detection and response.

This outsourced service acts as a natural extension of the customer’s own internal security team, performing deeper level alert investigations and quarantining confirmed threats (via APIs). The primary benefits: a faster response time and more work offloaded to security experts, keeping your internal IT staff focused on day-to-day duties.

How did Masergy Earn a Mention in the Gartner MDR Guide?

Masergy was included in the Gartner guide because our Unified Enterprise Security (UES) service hits all of Gartner's major criteria as a verified managed detection and response solution. But beyond just hitting checkboxes, Masergy’s UES is unique in the industry.

Empowering Full Threat Visibility: A Diverse and Comprehensive Tool Set

You can't respond to threats you can’t see. Thus, effective response requires a complete understanding of the enterprise footprint and the network infrastructure. Diverse and comprehensive tool sets are necessary, and Masergy's full suite works with both proprietary and third-party sources to ingest security data from a wide variety of sources for more rigorous coverage. From endpoint detection to cloud workload protections, to cloud access security broker (CASB) solutions and vulnerability testing, UES ingests more of your data to get a clearer, correlated picture of your security status. With Masergy, customers achieve the highest levels of security awareness.

Gaining Deep Network Visibility: Masergy Stands Unique in the Industry

When it comes to alert triage and incident investigation as well as endpoint detection for threat hunting, one capability is considered invaluable: Having a complete history of all network activity that is both readily searchable and sortable in an easy-to-use console.

Attackers must use your network to get to your sensitive data. With a tool that captures complete traffic history that can be analyzed retrospectively, attackers ultimately have nowhere to hide. Complete network visibility where security analysts can search and sort through traffic history is essential to accelerating detection and response time and limiting the amount of time an attacker has inside your system.

No other MDR provider today currently offers the same level of deep network visibility as Masergy.

Securing the Cloud: Integrated Solutions to Protect SaaS and IPaaS/PaaS Environments

Cloud migration means sensitive data is moving to cloud environments, and attackers are following. The best managed detection and response providers address cloud security across SaaS and IaaS/PaaS, offering managed CASB and Managed Cloud Workload Protection. Masergy provides turnkey services using best-of-breed partners with detection and response services carefully integrated into UES. So, our cloud security offerings are anything but hazy.

Leveraging Machine Learning: Advanced Analytics Intelligence and SIEM Basics

Detection and response hygiene starts with simple rules and correlations that are best executed on a SIEM, but advanced threats require advanced analytics engines. At the end of the day, you want both capabilities, and most of all you want them working in harmony with your IT budget. Separately sourcing a SIEM can be costly and resource intensive. So, many buyers prefer SIEM integrated into the managed detection and response solution, which is why Masergy includes it in our UES solution. Out of the gate, we provide you more value baked into our security platform.

Getting Agility and Affordability in One Solution: Masergy Stands Unique in the Industry Masergy’s MDR service is centered around accelerated time-to-value with two key features. First, our service is uniquely affordable because (unlike most providers) it is priced mostly by employee count rather than by the number of sources monitored. Second, our service ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools.

That's an important differentiator because it saves you from piecemealing many different point-solutions/vendors together, and it allows you to leverage existing technology investments where appropriate. Some services aren't flexible — they won't segment their offerings in a mix-and-match solution like Masergy's. This agility is what medium and large enterprises and those with more mature security strategies prefer. It helps executives make use of existing tools while still advancing their security protections with additional technologies.

Let's say the customer has already purchased endpoint detection solutions but has not yet partnered with a CASB provider and lacks vulnerability testing. In this case, Masergy's MDR service complements the customer’s existing strategy, ingesting the endpoint reports and toggling on CASB and vulnerability testing tools. So, it's easy to "flip on the specific switches" necessary to fill your unique IT gaps and monitor your entire ecosystem.

Balancing Risk and Cost: Customized Solutions Keep Decision Makers Happy

Every enterprise has a different list of priorities and gaps. One size fits all really means one size fits none. These solutions sound great on paper but execute miserably. The most effective solutions are customizable for specific customer risks, assets, and business processes. That’s where Masergy shines. Our customers get to prioritize, picking and choosing the most cost-effective tools for a solution that optimizes outcomes at a price that keeps the CFO smiling. Not sure what you should prioritize or how to best secure your environment given your situation and budget? Not to worry. Our professional security services will help with that too.

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Director of Security Product Management, Masergy
Jay brings more than 17 years of security experience to Masergy as Director of Security Product Management. He is responsible for the product vision of Masergy’s managed security services and leads the product team on execution. Previously, Jay was Director of Security Advisory Services for BlackBerry where he advised large enterprises and government agencies on mobile security. Other positions he has held include Vice President of Marketing at Intrusion, and Vice President of Product Management at Scansafe (now Cisco). Jay holds a degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, Canada, an MBA from INSEAD, France, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).