• IDG Study Reveals What Matters Most When Selecting a Managed Service Provider

    In the age of digital transformation, IT executives have doubts about their network living up to future expectations. See why hybrid networking and SD-WAN are boosting their confidence.

  • Net Neutrality: What it Means and Why It’s Significant

    The repeal of Net Neutrality has incited concerns about cost increases and the ability to manipulate Internet traffic. What is Net Neutrality and are the pros and cons? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Net Neutrality Repeal: The Impact on Your IT Network

    Since the repeal of Net Neutrality, IT executives are wondering how the changes will impact their network. Here are the considerations Masergy believes will be most helpful.

  • Streamlining The Enterprise Cloud Transition: SD-WAN Go Offers More

    Masergy customers are now getting more out of our SD-WAN Go solution with new and enhanced features that streamline the enterprise cloud transition. Masergy’s recent press release announced new enhancements that add sophisticated application routing and automatic path control, as well as an embedded advanced firewall and router.

  • Digital Transformation and the Cloud: 5 Reasons CIOs Need to Get With the Program

    The importance of aligning tech and the business may sound like a no-brainer. In fact, the CIO position — created back in the 1980s — was supposed to do just that. Yet for decades, business leaders have complained that IT was either pursuing technology for technology's sake or merely keeping the lights on. The promise of aligning IT with the business remained unfulfilled. Now, true digital transformation is underway at a wide range of organizations and industries.

  • 5 Criteria for Evaluating Managed SD-WAN Solutions

    SD-WAN has made networking sexy again. A managed SD-WAN solution lets organizations more rapidly deploy new sites, optimize cloud connectivity and support bandwidth hungry applications. In this post, we've created a shortlist of criteria for you to use when evaluating managed SD-WAN solutions.

  • Masergy Delivers Customer Satisfaction By Design

    Masergy just earned a Net Promoter Score of 74 — 6x higher than the average score for all telecom companies and 3x higher than that for the B2B technology industry overall.

  • 7 Distinctive Benefits of Masergy’s SD-WAN

    SD-WAN adoption is rapidly taking hold in companies of all sizes as they undergo digital transformation. SD-WAN is an attractive option for businesses that are updating their WAN edge equipment, connecting branch offices, modernizing their WAN infrastructure, and aggressively moving to the cloud.

  • 3 Critical Considerations for the SD-WAN Buyer

    If your enterprise plans to be part of the rapidly evolving digital economy, your rigid network isn’t going to cut it much longer. The future of enterprise networks will be based on a mesh architecture made up of multiple connection types transmitting ever-increasing amounts of data across global locations.

  • Application-Based Routing is a Key Benefit of SD-WAN

    There’s been a lot of excitement over SD-WAN and its potential to leverage the cost/performance benefits of Internet access. That excitement is justified in the era of the cloud and the proliferation of remote and mobile users. These trends are...