IDG study: UCaaS & CCaaS certainty starts with outpacing security and network demands

Posted on March 30, 2020

New research from IDG shows that network demands and security requirements challenge many IT leaders when it comes to migrating their corporate communications and contact centers to the cloud. Better still, the study illustrates what those leaders need to address in order to ensure UCaaS/CCaaS security and application performance. In this article, we take a look at IDG’s “2020 UCaaS and CCaaS Market Trends Report,” understanding the key considerations and decisions helping IT leaders build more certainty into their UCaaS and CCaaS deployments.

Top concerns: Data security, service consistency, performance management

The two biggest problems preventing enterprises from recognizing the benefits of UCaaS/CCaaS are security protections and the supporting network service, according to the study. The majority (70%) of IT decision makers report data security as the top challenge, while 63% say consistent global service is a top concern. Another 57% report network performance management as an issue. 


Considering the nature of the data users collect, generate, share, and store via UCaaS/CCaaS, it’s no surprise that security is top of mind. And given that UCaaS/CCaaS are critical apps driving operations and service delivery, it’s easy to see why the confidence of IT leaders is shaken by the underlying network and performance management. Security is non-negotiable and performance is required. 

Performance is a common issue, because UCaaS/CCaaS applications are some of the most bandwidth-demanding tools and are highly sensitive to network jitter and latency. Adding to those demands are the expectations of users and customers who want service consistency across all devices, communication channels, and locations across the globe. A recent Gartner report stated, “Video and unified communications and collaboration applications contribute to the growth of bandwidth needs beyond 30% on an annual basis.” Beyond is the key word here, because for years the 30%-per-year increase has been the go-to standard for forecasting network needs. When IT leaders learn how UCaaS/CCaaS deployments can push the boundaries of their business planning assumptions, the typical response is concern. 

That uncertainty is sharply contrasted by the excitement of cloud benefits. Corporate communications and contact centers are often among the first business arenas to make the migration to the cloud, and executives are anxious to reap the benefits of productivity and modern, AI-powered tools. The study found that the top drivers for UCaaS/CCaaS as follows: 

  1. Increasing IT flexibility/agility (40%) 
  2. Increasing productivity/collaboration (24%)
  3. Improving communication quality (16%)
  4. Modernizing tools (14%)
  5. Reducing costs (7%)

So, how do decision makers overstep the issues to reach cloud benefits? IDG’s research reveals the answer. 

Solution bundles from managed service providers

More IT decision makers are opting for managed services and bundled solutions that deliver on a wider array of their business needs. The statistics practically shout out the importance of integrated network and security services: 

These results further corroborate a 2019 Nemertes Research study, which found a direct correlation between the success of cloud communications initiatives and SD-WAN adoption: 63.4% of those who are satisfied with their UCaaS/CCaaS deployments are using SD-WAN versus just 21.9% of those who are unsatisfied with the performance of their cloud communications services.

Respondents explained why they preferred a bundled solution: 

When considering network service to support UCaaS/CCaaS, respondents were equally passionate about the network architecture and the provider’s ability to proactively monitor and address problems before they become performance issues: 

Learn more about the IDG results in our infographic, and download the research report for all the details.

Masergy UCaaS and CCaaS solution bundles

While most UCaaS/CCaaS applications and network services are sold separately, Masergy taks a different approach. We embed UCaaS/CCaaS applications from Cisco into our SD-WAN network fabric, creating a holistic technology suite that provides a single integrated solution crossing network services, communications, and security. Learn more about Masergy UCaaS and CCaaS solution bundles.


New leadership for Masergy’s cloud communications

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Rudy Tibuni

Rudy Tibuni serves as Director, Product Management for Cloud Communications at Masergy, leading the UCaaS and CCaaS products. Tibuni brings more than 25 years of experience, gathering knowledge based on analytics to create rich experiences for customers. Prior to joining Masergy, Tibuni served as Director of Product Management for Harman International, driving the portfolio of A/V products to the cloud. He was also Head of Product for Spark Calling (now WebEx Teams Calling) for Cisco Systems. Additionally, Tibuni has held several leadership roles in engineering and product management and development at Cisco Systems and Nortel.

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