Masergy aligns its services for the future of ITMasergy aligns its services for the future of IT

Avatar for Jody GilliamBy Jody Gilliam|Jun 1, 2021|7:30 am CDT

It’s been well-documented that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation plans. Early in the pandemic, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commented that his company has seen two years of digital projects in the first two months of the pandemic. Every business leader I interview now has moved up his/her digital timeline, because we now live in a world that’s digital-first.

Digital transformation increases value of the network

One of the interesting aspects of digital transformation is that it increases the value of the network. Consider many of the building blocks of digitization–cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and others. What do these have in common? They are all network-centric so the network plays a key role in the success of digital projects. This has driven a wave of network transformation as IT and business leaders are starting to understand that one can’t run a business on a network that was designed for an analog world.

To get a better understanding of how the network is evolving, I recently interviewed Chris MacFarland, CEO of managed IT service provider Masergy, in a ZKast thought leadership video, done in conjunction with eWEEK eSPEAKS.

Highlights of the conversation

Ability to handle volumes of video gives Masergy an advantage

Work-from-home drives investment in Masergy SASE and SD-WAN

Masergy AIOps: Driving toward a intent-based network

Masergy helps de-risk the deployment

Pre-pandemic, digital plans were slow and steady but over the past year, the number of digital projects has exploded. The network is something that historically got very little attention from business leaders, but not so anymore. The network is the foundation of digital transformation but needs to evolve.

Deploying a next-generation network, that is software-defined, secure and automated can be a daunting task. Masergy’s robust set of managed services can help customers transform their networks now but de-risk the deployment.

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