Masergy Brings Security to Cloud Communications

Masergy Brings Security to Cloud Communications

Second of a two-part series

What keeps CIOs up at night? Unauthorized users on their communications networks; stolen information; disrupted business activity. These are all real threats.

Fortunately, there’s a powerful way for IT professionals to protect their communications networks.

Masergy’s Global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution has been designed from the ground up to protect business communications networks against today’s most serious security threats. This solution detects and prevents attacks designed to steal information and services, and disrupt important business activities.

Why is this kind of protection needed today? Because VoIP phones are essentially networked devices, just like your computer systems. That means these phones — and your business — are exposed to many new security risks.

Secure Configurations

Masergy’s UCaaS solution keeps networks safe and secure, in large part, with its managed network architecture and secure system configurations. Also, Masergy’s fault-management and performance-monitoring systems track network health. If an attack is detected, Masergy’s features enable both proactive and reactive remedies.

Even better, Masergy owns and operates its global network infrastructure. That lets the company regularly enact proactive measures to manage the quality and security of voice, video and data traffic — helping to keep your networks even safer.

Here are some of the Masergy UCaaS security’s key features:

  • Highly secure and protected service implementation
  • Secure connectivity options via either Layer 3  or Layer 2 MPLS/VPLS
  • Enterprise session border controllers with traffic-history audits
  • Stateful device registration
  • SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type II certified

Masergy’s UCaaS security also employs strategies to protect your communications network against the most common — and therefore most dangerous — types of cybercriminal compromise.

These strategies include:

  • Endpoint Provisioning: VoIP phones pull their configuration information over the public data network, information that is vulnerable to interception. To prevent this, Masergy has implemented a secure, multistage process that encrypts provisioning information. Even if a criminal does intercept the information, it will be in a form that’s encrypted and therefore useless.
  • User Authentication: Masergy’s authentication technology prevents unauthorized users from registering with your voice service to place and receive calls. This blocks unauthorized traffic on your network. It also protects you from toll fraud.
  • Redundant Infrastructure: To help protect your network against attacks launched on the VoIP infrastructure, Masergy deploys redundant infrastructure equipment and hardened network elements. In the event of a hardware failure or attack, this redundancy triggers a backup system that automatically takes over.
  • Security Verification: Masergy monitors its VoIP service to ensure that your systems run properly. In the event that network traps attract anomalous behavior, our fault-management system will issue a report. Masergy’s network operations center (NOC) then determines the severity of the report and diagnoses the issue. If action is needed, the NOC staff moves swiftly.
  • Integrated Voice-Security Policies: Masergy sets virtual boundaries between its voice and data traffic. This enhances network security and improves phone performance.
  • Ready for a good night’s sleep? Explore how Masergy’s Cloud Communications and UCaas bring security to your business.

About Dean Manzoori

VP, Cloud Communications, Masergy
Dean Manzoori is Vice President of Product Management for UCaaS at Masergy Communications. He brings over 25 years of IT experience in a variety of roles including operational management, strategic planning and business development. Dean holds a BSEE from California State University, Long Beach with Great Distinction and an MBA from Pepperdine University.