Masergy Delivers Customer Satisfaction By Design

Masergy Delivers Customer Satisfaction By Design

Telecommunications companies fare notoriously low on customer satisfaction. By recent measures, the industry rated a 12 on the Net Promoter Score survey. IBM recently conducted a survey in 42 countries, accounting for 73 percent of the world population and 90 percent of global GDP to find out why. The survey found telecom companies lacking in three aspects: quality of network service, customer responsiveness, and trust. Here at Masergy, we use data to understand how well we're meeting customer needs. Masergy just earned a Net Promoter Score of 74. NPS is a measure of customer satisfaction and their willingness to recommend us to others. Masergy's NPS this year is 6 times higher than the average score for all telecom companies and 3 times higher than that for the B2B technology industry overall. Our customers have not only given us a record high NPS for 2017, they've also raised our score in each of the last 5 years. As a result, Masergy's NPS is now almost 25% higher than it was in 2013. Another result of our customer experience that correlates directly to our bottom line is Masergy's 99% customer-retention rate — one of the industry's highest. So to make sure that our level of responsiveness remains high, Masergy surveys our customers annually to examine all aspects of our customer engagement from solution design, sales collaboration, solution implementation and service activation, to technical support and billing. We also follow up immediately with all customers who tell us they have an issue. As a result of listening to customers, we regularly introduce new products such as SD-WAN Go and SD-WAN Pro. Other service innovations include the:

  • Addition of unique reporting and self-provisioning features to our customer portal
  • Ensurance of a seamless solution activation process
  • Access to an engineer in real time to resolve support issues on first contact
  • Guarantee of a smooth escalation process for more complex technical issues
  • Creation of an automated workflow process to quickly resolve billing inquiries
Based on our most recent customer feedback to our NPS survey, we added engineering staff to our Network Operations Center (NOC). We also created new processes to better communicate with customers at each step in the service delivery process. CUSTOMER VOICE CIOs and other IT leaders stay with Masergy, in part, because they appreciate our 99.999% network uptime and continuous monitoring by network engineers on a 24x7x365 basis. All of this matters — a lot. But don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customs have to say:
  • Encore Capital Group: "Masergy allows me to bring continuous innovation to the table and be strategically engaged with our business." - CIO Carl Eberling
  • Eurostar: "Masergy detects issues faster than we could on our own." - Guillaume Turpin, IT architecture manager
  • Panavision: "The technical support we get from Masergy is fantastic." - IT manager Matt Patterson
That's the power of Masergy's data-driven customer experience. To learn more about Masergy’s NPS, check out our infographic.

About Todd Lechtenberg

SVP, Global Operations, Masergy
Todd Lechtenberg is Masergy's Senior Vice President of Global Operations. Todd is responsible for the company's Network and Security Operations, Service Delivery and Access Management organizations. He is a respected industry leader in the field of global operations, network services and network optimization with 25 years experience in the technology and telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Masergy, he served in various senior leadership positions at Windstream, Paetec, McLeodUSA and technology consulting. He began his career at WilTel and MCI Communications. Todd is an entrepreneur and holds a degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State University.

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