Masergy Exceeds Customer Expectations

Masergy Exceeds Customer Expectations

To succeed at business, provide excellent customer service. That’s more than just a nice idea. It’s a strategy backed up by a growing body of research. It’s also the way we do business at Masergy.

Seventy percent of respondents to Forrester Research’s most recent annual Customer Experience index survey said that a positive customer experience with a vendor led them to make additional purchases with that same vendor. In other words, when customers have a good experience, they come back for more.

Here at Masergy, we’ve seen this in action. Our “customer first” philosophy speaks to the level of service customers receive, not only during the support process, but at every stage of the customer journey from initial contact to system implementation and beyond.

The net result? Masergy recently won the prestigious 2015 Gold Stevie award for customer-service department of the year in our industry. Even more important to our business, Masergy now enjoys an impressive customer-retention rate of 99 percent.

The Satmetrix Net Promoter Score (NPS) is another measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and Masergy excels here, too. The NPS metric first looks for both “promoters,” those customers willing to refer a vendor to others, and “detractors,” those who badmouth a company and its products; then it assigns a point rating based on this mix. For the overall technology industry, the current NPS is 25 points. Masergy’s NPS last year was more than twice as high as that at 66 points.

Customers First

Many of our customers consider Masergy not just a supplier, but also a member of their extended team. Corporate IT departments, increasingly resource-constrained, look to us for assistance. We bring them technology, manpower and expertise that helps them manage their global networks, cyber security and cloud-based unified communications.

One of these customers is Patrick Tisdale, CIO for the McKenna, Long & Aldridge law firm. “Masergy custom-designed our hybrid network to meet our unique application-performance requirements,” he says. “It’s outcome-based approach and ongoing superior support have convinced us that we’ve selected the right partner for our needs.”

Another customer, Olin Honoré is VP of IT at Hamilton Lane, a private-markets investment firm. “Masergy,” he says, “stands up to its reputation for top-notch customer service. We rely on them.”

These are just a few of Masergy’s many satisfied customers. We serve a wide range of organizations, among them Amgen, E*Trade, Pepsico Inc. and Tesla Motors.

Experience and Expertise

The Masergy Network Operations Center is one important way we provide our customers with high levels of support. Our trained engineers continuously monitor customers’ systems and quickly alert them whenever an issue arises. And when one of our customers needs technical support, they know they’ll speak with a Masergy subject matter expert on the very first call. No more waiting for their voice message or trouble ticket to merit a callback!

Customer self-service is one of the industry’s newest best practices. So Masergy gives our customers access to Web-based and mobile apps. These tools help them to quickly and easily view and adjust their services in response to changing business demands.

Social media helps us create a great customer experience, too. When Masergy detects a new global cyber threat, we issue security alerts via email, social media and our company’s blog. That helps keep everyone safe.

Put it all together, and you can see why Masergy customers stick with us. At Masergy, excellent customer service is more than just a good idea; it’s our strategy for doing business.

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SVP, Business Development, Masergy
John Dumbleton has over 20 years experience in networking and IT solutions and has served as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Masergy since May 2008. He is responsible for strategic business development and oversees the marketing and demand generation efforts at Masergy. His experience ranges from strategic sales, channel development, and product development to business strategy and strategic acquisitions. John holds an MBA and bachelors of science in industrial engineering and operations research from Virginia Tech.