Masergy is Software Defined by Design

Masergy is Software Defined by Design

Third of a three-part series

Masergy has built a global networking platform that has as its foundation software defined networking (SDN). Masergy enables its customers to focus their IT resources on solving unique business problems, while retaining control over network resources as needed based on our innovative architecture.

Embracing IT Transformation

Masergy has been a pioneer in the use of software to automate network functions from its inception. This was done primarily as a way to leverage technology to compete with organizations much larger than ours. As IT transformation has progressed, this foundation has allowed the creation of our award-winning web portal that gives customers visibility into their services and control their network bandwidth as needed, far beyond what other networking vendors are able to do. Masergy has empowered customers and partners in ways that competitors are just now beginning to understand.

Masergy continues to innovate to create agile solutions for customers. We do this by leveraging the rich functionality provided by our SDN Platform. Customers will soon be able to take advantage of:

  • Masergy Virtual Managed Router is a cloud-based network function virtualization (NFV) module that provides all of the capabilities of a premise-based router without expensive hardware. For smaller sites, it can provide the functionality needed without on-site power, maintenance, monitoring and rack space.
  • Masergy Networking as a Service (NaaS) will enable customers to self-service the creation of tunnels into their Masergy provided virtual private networks (VPNs). Utilizing APIs to create, provision and add monitoring from a user request on the portal, a customer has access to all of the SDN Platform capabilities. This self service network creation tool will give customers an easy way to add temporary sites for trade shows, office changes, etc., without calling or interacting with vendor sales personnel.
  • Masergy NFV Enabled CPE will provide enterprises with the ability to add network functions such as routing, firewall and session border control to locations without having to ship hardware—a costly and time-consuming process. The product will utilize a virtual machine (VM) stack in the Masergy Intelligent Bridge, which is already deployed at each customer location. Through the ISC web application, a customer will be able to add these functions themselves and have the software downloaded, configured and installed on the customer premise. In addition, the network function modules will be pretested and integrated, freeing the IT department from the task.
  • Masergy is currently working in its lab with several vendors on the utilization of its bandwidth modification API, which will be incorporated into cloud bursting exercises using third-party orchestration software.

The era of Software Defined IT is upon us. Finding the right partners and vendors who embrace openness and agility is key to future success. Masergy is uniquely positioned to help our customers tie together the latest technologies and tools to realize new business value.

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Chief Technology Officer, Masergy
Tim Naramore is the Chief Technology Officer of Masergy Communications and brings more than 30 years of experience in IT and telecommunications to the discussion. Tim has worked at Frito-Lay, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Allegiance Telecom and Broadwing Communications on technologies ranging from IBM mainframes to handheld computers and web applications. Tim is responsible for the IT, Network Engineering and Software Engineering groups at Masergy. He holds a bachelor's of science in information systems from Pittsburg State University.