Masergy launches Managed Endpoint Detection & Response: Technology, analytics, and analysts in one turnkey solution

Avatar for Trevor ParksBy Trevor Parks|Feb 9, 2021|7:30 am CST

Endpoint security is now one of the most important security capabilities given that remote work is here to stay and attackers are increasingly targeting at-home and mobile users because they represent new opportunities to exploit. Today, Masergy announced the release of its new Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, a package of best-in-class cybersecurity capabilities delivered as a turnkey, fully managed service. With AI technology and behavioral analysis combined with certified security analysts all in one solution, Managed EDR helps companies of all sizes efficiently expand security coverage without adding heavier workloads to their IT staff.

EDR: What companies need to succeed

Advanced EDR technology is proving effective at defending against advanced threats and ransomware. Plus, this cloud-based tool makes EDR the easiest way for companies to modernize your approach to endpoint security, increase threat awareness, and respond to events in real-time. However, there is one common EDR pitfall:

Both technology and skilled personnel are necessary to establish an effective endpoint defense system. A dedicated team of certified security analysts must respond 24/7 to any threats the EDR system brings forward. Yet, most companies lack the security staff necessary to take on this work. They require the help and expertise of security experts in order to turn their EDR technology insights into action—the meaningful results of threat investigation and full resolution.

For this reason, too many mid-sized enterprises have deployed EDR but are recognizing little security value. This is just one area where Masergy’s solution makes all the difference.

EDR: Certified security analysts represent 50% of the success equation

Introducing Masergy Managed EDR

As a fully managed service, Masergy’s new EDR solution addresses this common pitfalls by bundling together technology, analytics, and threat monitoring and response services. It offers:

  • The ability to identify unprotected devices on the network
  • Visibility and control over any USB, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE device
  • Autonomy with the ability to work on- and off-network
  • Native firewall control for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • An application inventory
  • 1-click remediation and windows rollback
  • Live 24/7 monitoring and response services from Masergy’s SOCs located on three continents

Clients can deploy Masergy Managed EDR as a standalone solution or bundle it with any other Masergy solution including SASE (secure access service edge), SD-WANUnified Communications, and Managed Security.

At Masergy, we’re committed to giving clients one place to go for all their network and security analytics, and this solution is designed to deliver management simplicity with a converged approach. SASE fans will love it! In a matter of weeks, clients will see a new EDR widget within Masergy’s unified management portal, the Intelligent Service Control (ISC). Simply put, our EDR and SD-WAN administrative dashboards will soon be united.

Clients also have the option to add on threat hunting services. Threat hunting is the practice of searching for indications of compromise in your network before they have been detected through other methods. This proactive service combines the capabilities of our advanced EDR solution with the strong analytical and technical skills of Masergy’s threat hunting professionals.

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Beyond just EDR

It should also be noted that EDR is not the end-all be-all. Additional technologies are required to achieve 100% network visibility and address security for network data, log data, and cloud data exchanges. Layers of security make for a comprehensive strategy, and EDR serves as just one layer. Leading law firms, global manufacturers, and financial services companies trust Masergy to build multi-layer protection for their entire IT environment. In addition to endpoint security, we offer cloud security, network security, and virtual CISO services.

Why EDR? Security begins at the end(point)

Smart, connected devices are everywhere, creating larger opportunities and easy entry points for attackers. Thus, security strategies must start where the data exchange originates, protecting every laptop, tablet, phone, server, router, while not forgetting about IoT devices like smart TVs and wearables too. Here’s why EDR is of utmost importance today:

  • More remote work, more blind spots: 56% of remote and at-home workers are using their personal devices to do work, which creates a visibility problem. Corporate IT teams need ways to find and record system activities and events taking place on endpoints, so they can uncover incidents.
  • An upgrade from antivirus: Antivirus has been lacking for several years, because it doesn’t bring visibility and insight into what is happening on the endpoint. Plus, it’s signature based, which simply cannot keep up with sophisticated or targeted attacks. Today, EDR answers the IT department’s need for more sophisticated prevention as well as detection and response tactics.
  • Attacks are on the rise: In 2020 alone, enterprises suffered a 600% increase in phishing and a 33% increase in ransomware, with successful data breaches costing the victim an average of almost $4 million per breach.

For the overworked IT department, a Masergy Managed EDR solution can act as a force multiplier—offloading the detection and response to advanced threats to Masergy so internal IT resources can be used on strategic digital transformation initiatives.

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