Masergy launches SD-WAN enhancements: More options and trailblazing SLAs meet the needs of any transforming business

Avatar for Terry TrainaBy Terry Traina|Jul 21, 2020|7:30 am CDT

Masergy has and always will be a company whose core mission is to build innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses. We are constantly evolving our solutions based on client and market feedback. And today is another great day for businesses–wherever they are in their digital transformation journey–to be able to take advantage of Masergy’s SD-WAN portfolio and the value it will bring to them and their clients.

As the pioneer in software-defined networking, not only are we embarking on our third decade, we are revealing the third generation of our network innovation. Our next iteration of SD-WAN solutions are uniquely designed to give companies of every size unrivaled performance along with more flexibility and choice to design and redesign their network on their terms. Read the press release. The result: The confidence needed to Transform with Certainty(SM).

A new generation of solutions is needed today, because IT executives are facing a list of challenging dynamics within their networks:

  • Aging routers require a WAN edge refresh
  • Legacy infrastructure lacks the flexibility needed to pivot in today’s fast-changing world
  • Cloud applications deplete bandwidth resources and displace hub-and-spoke architectures
  • Work-from-home models create concerns about security and sustainable remote connectivity
  • IoT everywhere is accelerating the need for 5G

SD-WAN platforms are viewed as a single investment that can address all of these needs, but across the industry early solutions had one flaw: one-size-fits-all approaches. When network modernization requires incremental shifts toward cloud, virtual, and fully managed services, SD-WAN design limitations can lock IT leaders into their decisions, restricting their ability to iteratively progress on a digital transformation journey. IT leaders don’t rip and replace their network–they blend the new into the old, layering in new capabilities and progressively redesigning the IT environment and the management of it.

Masergy’s new SD-WAN portfolio solves these problems, helping multi-cloud enterprise transform in the digital age.

Managed SD-WAN Secure: Masergy’s new era begins

Today dawns a new era in Masergy’s stake in the SD-WAN market, because new capabilities give every enterprise the freedom they need to successively migrate toward digital maturity. Our new solutions are characterized by the same trusted quality, now with a plethora of options.

Clients get the same unrivaled performance from our global, software-defined network and the same unparalleled professional managed services marked by our 99% customer retention rate and an average NPS of 65. But more flexibility and choice means our solutions meet you wherever you are in your SD-WAN journey, resulting in a more elastic IT infrastructure than ever before.

Masergy SD-WAN Secure includes these new options and capabilities:

  • Multiple management options
    • Fully managed solutions: Masergy’s engineers and project teams deliver customized implementations and provide dedicated ongoing support, end to end.
    • Co-managed solutions: Leveraging the SD-WAN Orchestrator, clients can customize their configurations and make changes while Masergy simultaneously monitors and reports on performance. Learn about our co-managed solutions.
  • SASE architecture
    Adhering to the primary tenets of Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Masergy has been uniting network and security functions into a single solution for years, coupling SD-WAN with security bundles that include Unified Threat Management, Threat Monitoring and Response, or complete Managed Security Services. The Masergy security portfolio includes everything from cloud-based firewall as a service, cloud access security broker (CASB), secure web gateway, and Zero Trust network access to antivirus, intrusion detection/prevention, web filtering, data loss prevention, security analytics, endpoint detection and response, 24/7 SOC services, vulnerability scanning, more. Understand Masergy’s SASE architecture.
  • More hybrid networking options
    In addition to Masergy-provided private access, direct internet access, and broadband internet access, clients can bring their own third-party connectivity.
  • Expanded cloud on-ramp solutions
    Expanded connectivity to additional cloud service and SaaS providers; SD-WAN integration in Public Cloud Infrastructure; Shared private peering for SaaS apps; and a shared bandwidth model for multiple cloud services across the same exchange and across the Masergy Secure Edge Network; these are a few of the capabilities launching now and into the first quarter of 2021. Learn about Masergy’s multi-cloud connectivity.
  • Unprecedented, market-leading SLAs for SD-WAN Secure
    •  100% service availability for cloud connections when architected for redundancy
    • 100% service availability for SD-WAN sites configured for high availability
    • Proactive credits on service availability SLAs
    • 5 minute proactive outage notifications
      Get the details in Masergy’s SLA press release

SD-WAN Secure: Why it makes business sense

The business case for Masergy SD-WAN Secure becomes clear when you take a look at the biggest trends in SD-WAN and how companies are approaching digital transformation now.

  • COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation and investments in SD-WAN
  • The early popularity of do-it-it-yourself solutions are being displaced by managed services
  • Security comes first with SD-WAN (and SASE too)
  • External clouds dominate WAN traffic and SD-WAN is a problem solver for cloud performance challenges

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