Masergy UCaaS services now available in more European countries

Avatar for Rudy TibuniBy Rudy Tibuni|Nov 9, 2021|7:30 am CST

I am excited to announce that Masergy has expanded our unified communications (UCaaS) offering with services now available in Portugal, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Hungary. Today, Masergy can deliver full public switched telephone network (PSTN) replacement with local telephone calling services that span a total of 29 countries, giving clients a reliable communications experience in more major European cities and regions.

Masergy’s strategy is to empower high-performance collaboration all across the world, and our short-term plan is to increase the in-country dialing options for companies in both Western and Eastern Europe. Our long-term plan will meet even more global customer demands by expanding our UC services in Israel, Greece, Turkey, as well as other countries in the Americas.

VoIP and video services made for hybrid work on a global scale

A key reason for Masergy’s expanded service in Europe is to meet the remote and hybrid work needs of our international clients. With Masergy, organizations can migrate their legacy phone systems to secure cloud-based unified communications infrastructure, taking full advantage of enhanced voice, video, and real-time collaboration required for remote work on a global scale. With an increasing reliance on voice and video conferencing, the need for high-performance network services has never been more important. Applications such as Webex and Microsoft Teams are business-critical tools, but they are also bandwidth-hungry. In fact, Nemertes Research found that video needs have been the primary driver for network infrastructure upgrades over the past two years.

Unified communications with unrivaled service quality

When you partner with Masergy, you get unrivaled UC application performance on six continents. Unlike many of our competitors, Masergy owns its own software-defined private network. That means more consistent communications services all around the world. By embedding UC technology into our cloud and network platform, we can ensure your business voice and video calls are free from jitter. This way you can avoid that embarrassing freeze-up in the middle of your important presentation. Just combine your Masergy UCaaS solution with Masergy Managed SD-WAN Secure, and your enterprise will get collaboration experiences with highly reliable performance globally.

Nemertes Research finds 64% of IT leaders who are satisfied with their UCaas deployment use SD-WAN

Industry-leading SLAs

Just how reliable is our network service? As Masergy closed its fiscal year in July 2021, the company reported industry-leading network performance metrics, including a global average mean opinion score (MOS) of 4.34. This score outpaces the service level agreements of some of our biggest competitors. Masergy’s UCaaS service is known for:

Masergy’s Work From Anywhere Solutions

At Masergy, we believe UC is just one element in building a foundation for remote work and digital transformation. That’s why we consolidate UCaaS, network services, AIOps, and security services into one platform, creating Work From Anywhere solutions that cover the wider gamut of business needs today.

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