Masergy’s biggest innovation milestones

Avatar for Chris MacFarlandBy Chris MacFarland|Feb 5, 2020|7:30 am CST

2020 marks Masergy’s 20th anniversary, so we’re celebrating by highlighting our top innovation landmarks from the past two decades. Masergy’s success history has earned a reputation for helping global enterprises digitally Transform with CertaintySM. How did we get here? Masergy’s network engineers began pioneering software-defined networking back in 2000. Here’s how our technology platform has developed over the years and how it’s helping enterprises boldly move forward today.

2001: Private network service delivers groundbreaking application performance

Masergy pioneered one of the first global networks designed purely on modern architecture standards and purpose-built to consistently deliver near-perfect performance all across the globe. A breakthrough in innovation, the network platform triumphed over previous generations of technology. For the first decade, we were known for “performance beyond expectations.” Today, Masergy’s network delivers 99+% global availability and less than 1 millisecond of jitter (POP-to-POP)—a level of service enjoyed by 1,400+ enterprise clients in 102 countries. Explore some of the companies using Masergy’s network and services.

2004: Pure-play software-defined network pioneers globally intelligent connectivity

Masergy applied the principles of software-defined networking and virtualization to make its platform agile. While other service providers and companies began deploying SD-WAN in 2017 for IT agility, Masergy’s entire network has been a “pure-play” SD-network since 2004. With virtually an unlimited number of virtual local area network (LAN) environments on a single attachment circuit, enterprises can move to the cloud with ease and consolidate data centers–all with end-to-end visibility and centralized control. Learn more about Masergy’s software-defined network.

2013: Network-as-a-service accelerates the pace of provisioning

Masergy’s Networking as a Service (NaaS) gave customers a simple, cloud-based model for network services and a turnkey way to connect remote locations to the WAN using lower-cost broadband internet service. Now clients can connect new remote offices in Asia to the company data centers in Europe and business-critical cloud applications hosted in America. Before NaaS, it would’ve taken several months to build out new connections, but now provisioning connections can be completed in just weeks, days, or just a few hours, depending on the circumstances. With a plan to double the size of the company, Ingenico uses Masergy to quickly provision connectivity to new sites–all while cutting costs by 40%. Learn more.

2014: Trailblazing direct cloud connections with industry-unique cloud SLAs

Masergy was among the first network service companies to offer direct cloud connections to Amazon Web Services. In fact, Masergy’s executives were asking one of the now-leading cloud infrastructure providers for direct connections even before they later launched their direct connect services. While direct connections are commonplace today, cloud service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee performance with leading cloud providers are very unique. Masergy’s cloud SLAs are unheard of in the industry.

2017: A market leader in SD-WAN with solutions customizable by design

Leading the SD-WAN market, edge devices were added to Masergy’s portfolio of offerings, giving clients the combination of SD-WAN alongside a global SD-network service and security services. With flexible network connectivity options including real-time analytics and control, Masergy made its mark with a solution that’s customizable by design. Clients can deploy an SD-WAN within existing network environments, building customer connectivity around the unique needs of every application, user, and location and then add cloud applications and security services as needed. Today, Masergy supports SD-WAN devices from multiple providers including Fortinet and Silver Peak, giving clients even more choices in solution design.

2019: Industry-first AIOps solution marks first step toward autonomous networks

Masergy released the industry’s first SD-WAN-integrated AIOps solution. The tool acts as a virtual assistant and digital network engineer, providing analysis and recommendations for network, security, and application optimization. AIOps is considered a groundwork technology required to design and develop a self-driving network, and it serves as Masergy’s first step in its quest to deliver on the fully autonomous networks of the future. Learn more about Masergy AIOps.

2020: Industry-first Shadow IT Discovery makes security tools available in the portal

Masergy released the industry’s first SD-WAN-integrated shadow IT solution. Scanning and identifying all SaaS applications running on the network, the solution provides clients visibility and risk insights. As an integrated offering, Masergy is giving crucial new security tools to IT teams with minimal added effort. The addition is further evidence of Masergy’s mission to make security intrinsic to its SD-WAN platform. Explore Masergy’s Shadow IT Discovery.

Looking Ahead: Driving the future of autonomous networking

Consistently innovating on its cloud and network platform, Masergy aims to deliver on autonomous networking in the next few years. Learn how to pave the way for autonomous networking.

From cloud services to security technologies and AI automation tools, Masergy’s solution portfolio is absorbing larger swaths of capabilities across every IT domain–making the value of an investment harder and harder to ignore. If the cloud tools you need aren’t directly embedded into the SD-network fabric, rest assured Masergy offers best-of-breed applications, making them simple add-ons that put performance analytics right there where clients need them–in one online management portal for total control.

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