New PoPs help Masergy clients enhance network performance

Posted on November 19, 2019

Responding to increasing demands for globally reliable SD-WAN, Masergy has once again expanded its software-defined network with additional Points of Presence (PoPs) in Manila, Philippines; St. Louis, Missouri; and Vancouver, Canada. This larger footprint helps clients reduce latency. When PoPs are physically closer to client offices they recognize superior performance, as traffic has a shorter distance to travel in order to reach the Masergy “backbone.”

Masergy takes a customer-driven approach to PoP investments, working closely with enterprises focused on worldwide expansion and achieving global business continuity with an SD-WAN strategy. More than adding simple connection points to make our network appear larger on a global map used for sales purposes, we’re strategically expanding our reach and opening PoPs in the locations that provide the most value to our clients. 

Increasingly, those places include large foreign metropolises like Manila, Philippines. With globalization trends and the popularity of business process outsourcing, Masergy’s newest PoP has made doing business in that region more reliable and cost efficient for our clients. As a strategic SD-WAN partner, we’re meeting our clients in the places where they do the most business. In Manila, Masergy’s clients were seeking to deliver exceptional uptime and user experiences for their primary cloud applications, so they could achieve top business objectives in their key markets. Sometimes the situation can apply to North America too. Clients with large presences in Missouri and Western Canada spurred Masergy to strengthen the network domestically. In both St. Louis and Vancouver, the additional PoPs helped replicate IT architecture for the local market. The increased throughput boosts cloud application response time.

PoP locations become critically important when enterprises have a cloud-first IT approach and need to support latency-sensitive voice and video conferencing. Closer PoPs optimize the use of network functions, virtualization, software-defined network services, and SD-WAN. Plus, they minimize latency and help accelerate responses to network queries over a global WAN. With shorter distances for data to travel, application performance improves in regional offices.

Top network performance on more continents was what sparked data integration company MarkLogic to partner with Masergy. Seeking network services and a unified communications partner who could “handle globalization” VP of IT, Jeff Thomas, recognized that Masergy could help him open offices all across the world in just days. Here’s how he described it:

Our big push is globalization. We needed a partner who could go there with us and is already in the places where we need to go.

Jeff Thomas, VP of IT, MarkLogic

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When enterprises are in search of SD-WAN performance benefits and cost savings simultaneously, Masergy’s extended PoP infrastructure delivers that win-win. We have purposefully built our global network and SD-WAN solutions to give confidence to IT leaders focused on delivering the highest standards of service around the world. Come build your network with Masergy and feel the difference that certainty delivers. 

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Terry Traina

Terry Traina is the chief technology officer and has been with Masergy since 2004. Terry leads various teams including research and development, platform architecture, software engineering, and product development. Terry has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry specializing in building and managing everything from enterprise software-defined networks to routing and switching platforms. Prior to joining Masergy, Terry has held various technical positions at Chiaro Networks, Allied Riser Communications, and EDS. Terry holds a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering from University of Southwestern Louisiana.

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