Optimization and Agility are Top Hybrid Networking Goals for IT Executives

Optimization and Agility are Top Hybrid Networking Goals for IT Executives

Most IT leaders aren’t particularly happy with the state of their WANs. What’s troubling them?

Here are a few things:

  • The lag in performance of critical cloud applications that companies need;
  • The increases in WAN traffic and data that accelerate bandwidth consumption issues;
  • The ongoing hassle of managing, securing, and troubleshooting remote network systems;
  • The waste of not taking greater advantage of the bandwidth available in backup links;
  • The struggles of trying to rapidly respond to business initiatives that are a result of dealing with rigid and proprietary network infrastructures; and
  • The length of time it takes to modify large networks or connect new sites.

In the face of troubles like these, a new Market Pulse survey conducted by IDG Research Services found that optimizing the network to support new cutting-edge technology and boost agility and responsiveness are by far the two most important WAN goals for IT executives. In fact, more than half of the survey participants have WAN optimization features running at their various network sites, hoping to be able to continue to meet application service levels while staying within budget. Just under half are aiming at the closely aligned ambition of improving agility and responsiveness. This added agility would enable companies to meet new service and workload requirements, which today may revolve around dynamic and immeasurably scalable big data, IoT, social, collaborative and mobile applications. Simplifying change management follows in third place, cited by close to 30 percent of IT professionals.

These goals may be slippery to achieve for organizations that continue to work within the parameters of traditional WANs. But for those looking to next-generation hybrid networking and SD-WAN solutions where MPLS and SD-WAN coexist, the outlook is a lot brighter. For example, 60 percent of IT executives said they expect to increase agility by deploying hybrid SD-WAN technology. Close to half said that network management will be, or has been, simplified with SD-WAN.

Respondents who agreed with one or both of those perspectives may be thinking about the advantages, for example, of setting up a network overlay capability using broadband connections to quickly launch a new business location. Or they might be reflecting on the benefits of improved response times for users of business-critical applications over WAN links or mobile connections. They might even be high-fiving their teammates because they can now leverage all available bandwidth to give high-traffic and high-scale applications the priority routing they require. The list could go on...

The full Market Pulse survey explains more about how SD-WAN delivers efficiency and security to the enterprise, plus it provides additional information including:

  • A checklist for evaluating SD-WAN vendors
  • Deployment approaches for innovators and value-based buyers
  • IT executives’ most important WAN goals and SD-WAN capabilities
  • Why SD-WAN is the “go-to” technology

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