Our best year in Masergy’s history

Avatar for Chris MacFarlandBy Chris MacFarland|Mar 16, 2021|7:30 am CDT

I tell my children that it’s not nice to brag and while some may see it as such, I am sharing this incredible news as a way to thank each and every one of our employees, customers, and partners. It is quite rare as a leader to be able to say these words: IT’S OUR BEST YEAR EVER! So, indulge me as I share my thoughts on why that is and why you should care.

People: A growing partner and channel community

More partners are joining Masergy and leading every SD-WAN conversation with our solutions. In the past 8 months we’ve had:

  • Hundreds of unique partners with sales
  • Double the number of partners with opportunities in the funnel compared to the same period last year
  • 50 agents selling for their first time with Masergy
  • Agent bookings up 30% year over year!

Products: Explosive sales numbers

Businesses of all sizes from around the globe are flocking to our secure cloud networking platform.

  • The first half of our fiscal year 2021 set a company record for bookings growth
  • Average contract term is now almost 3.5 years
  • Cloud networking (SD-WAN/SASE) bookings are up 110%
  • Cloud communications (UCaaS) bookings are up 65%
  • Half of all new cloud networking sales include cloud communication services

Market: Mid-market growth from more industries

Where is all the growth coming from? We’re seeing interest spike in a wide range of industries, but notable surges are from healthcare companies, financial service firms, and professional service firms including leading law firms. While historically we have been known for serving enterprises, we are now seeing mid-market customers adopting our services with 62% of new logos in the mid-market sector (<$250M annualized revenue).

And we’re still winning in the large enterprise space. Here are a few highlights of some of the larger enterprises who have turned to Masergy this year:

  • Large global healthcare company
    • Why Masergy? Value in turning siloed, do-it-yourself WAN and security projects into a converged, managed solution coupled with Microsoft Teams integration and UCaaS all from one provider. The Masergy portal gave them visibility and control with deep analytics and reporting.
  • Two of the largest law firms in the U.S.
    • Why Masergy? Up-time is money and Masergy’s network performance with embedded security gave them peace of mind. With Masergy, they power up thousands of work-from-home lawyers around the globe.
  • Global manufacturing business with 12,000+ employees
    • Why Masergy? The right solution customized to their needs, alongside dedicated implementation and support for a global network spanning five countries with custom reporting.
  • Leading semiconductor company
    • Why Masergy? Reduced global network latency and jitter for superior SaaS application performance and IT operational efficiencies.
  • Global financial firm headquartered in the UK
    • Why Masergy? Network performance coupled with full security monitoring and response.

Digital transformation really is accelerating–making Masergy and its partners guides for the future

When the pandemic began, industry analysts and business leaders everywhere made bold predictions regarding the acceleration of digital transformation. Years of innovation would be condensed into a matter of months–now Masergy and our partners are guiding enterprises through this time of unprecedented change. Our historic bottom-line results are direct evidence of the massive move to work-from-home business models and the investments IT organizations are making to support those models with reliable networks, cloud communications, and stronger security. And it’s not just Masergy’s sales data proving the point.

  • 47.3% of companies are now using UCaaS in some form, according to Metrigy’s Workforce Collaboration study. UCaaS has reached the mainstream, meaning the “future workforce” is no longer the future–we’ve arrived.
  • 46% claimed the pandemic has accelerated their timeline for SD-WAN deployment, according to ZK Research’s Work from Anywhere Study
  • An IDG survey shows:
    • 64% are investing more in network infrastructure now than they did before COVID-19.
    • 91% expressed an interest in SASE services that converge SD-WAN and security.

“Our historic bottom-line results are direct evidence of the massive move to work-from-home.”

-Chris MacFarland, CEO, Masergy

Rising on the WFH tide with the most flexible and secure SASE platform

Masergy is the lead boat on this rising tide, because we offer the most comprehensive, flexible, and secure SD-WAN and SASE cloud platform. With security capabilities built into our Managed SD-WAN Secure service, our SASE solutions include a wide portfolio of best-of-breed technologies from leaders in their respective Gartner Magic Quadrants. It’s a single cloud-based service that goes beyond just SASE:

Better still, our SASE and SD-WAN solutions offer AI-driven insights giving IT teams not just visibility into their multi-cloud environments and UCaaS applications but also the power to automate the process of performance optimization. Masergy AIOps acts as a virtual network engineer, evaluating network configurations and bandwidth resource utilization in order to make recommendations for improvements. And AIOps is a standard feature that comes with all our SASE and SD-WAN offerings. So, it’s no surprise that we’re earning recognition from industry leaders:

The pandemic may be an ongoing crisis, but I borrow from the wisdom of Andy Grove when I say that today’s challenging times destroy bad companies, help good companies survive, and empower great companies to improve. At a time when companies are embracing innovation in order to thrive and their IT teams are the catalysts putting the wheels of change in motion, Masergy stands a proven partner in helping an explosive number of them Transform with Certainty℠.

And, we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

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